Mine Blocks

Simulation games have been on the rise, and almost every great one has been a huge hit. It’s not really surprising to see people try and follow those game’s formulas to ensure that their game gets noticed, too. Mine Blocks is one of those games that uses the same gameplay elements but creates its own vibe to make sure you get a different experience but still retains the exploration aspect of the genre.

Mine Blocks Screenshot

Mine Blocks is a survival / exploration/ building game which is inspired by the likes of Terraria and Minecraft, but a bit more from Terraria. You are alone in the world and need to survive the harshness of each day by gathering materials to make a home and collecting food to keep you nourished. You play the game on a 2D field where you can break almost anything and turn it into materials to create a different item that you can use for your survival, like breaking a tree to create a shovel to dig faster or a hoe so you can till land and plant vegetables there. You will need to collect anything that you can turn into your home. The game is played using both your keyboard and mouse. Your mouse cursor is used to aim and your left mouse button is used to swing whatever you are holding (if you are holding nothing, you’ll just punch using your fist), and wherever your cursor is, that will be the direction of your attack. The W, A, S, and D are the buttons you use for movement. You’ll have a shortcut bar for your items which you can access using the 1-0 number keys on your keyboard. The Shift button can be used with the left mouse button to use/place anything you are holding to where your cursor is; you can place blocks to build a home or place seeds on tilled land to plant them.
Mine Blocks is a great game filled that can run on your own creative juices and your willingness to experiment. The game can be played for such a long time without you even noticing just because of the fun factor this game creates. If you’re looking for a no-install-needed Minecraft clone, then Mine Blocks should be your best go-to game.

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