Millionaire to Billionaire

Being a millionaire is one of the highest dreams that a man can make, and is also a dream that people will always have. Millionaire to Billionaire takes you to that height and makes you feel how it’s like to be an owner of multiple businesses that can make millions within a few days!

Millionaire to Billionaire is an idle clicker that puts you in the shoes of a guy starting in the investing game. Just like many idle clickers, you start off with just nothing. In this game, you start with the smallest business and work your way up by earning bit by bit and buying more establishments. You will be buying upgrades to make your life easier as an investor. Some of the upgrades will let your investments earn by themselves (which means you don’t have to click them for you to actually earn money from them) so you can watch your other investments, in time all of your investments will make money by themselves. There will also be upgrades that will increase your earnings per investment by bumping up the money they make by twice or thrice their normal amount or make them earn faster by a few seconds. All these, in turn, will give you more money to buy even more stuff that will make you earn even more money, ad infinitum. You know, that’s just how idle clickers work. When you feel like you’ve already bought everything and want to start again, the game gives you rewards for resetting your game to make your journey from rags to riches a whole lot faster.

If you’re ready to own everything from a little lemon stand up to a comic store then your own coliseum and your own space station, then go ahead and try Millionaire to Billionaire.

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