Mighty Knight

Play as a Knight of ye olde times and bust out all your moves to destroy all the monsters along your path to save your castle in Mighty Knight. Take your sword and get some allies on the way. Slaying the undead and other monsters has never been this fun, so make sure to dive in to the world of Mighty Knight.

Mighty Knight puts you into the boots (or grieves) of a knight that journeys to the Doom Castle to save their kingdom from the hordes of undeads, orcs, and zombies. There will be a lot of danger ahead, but luckily, you will meet worthy allies as you go through the forests and mountains. This game is filled with hack-and-slash action that is very hard to put down. The simple controls keeps the game flowing smoothly while the intelligent AI keeps the game interesting, along with the side quests for each stage. The first stage is a tutorial on how to control your knight in battle. Pressing the arrow keys or W, A, S, D will move your knight in accordance to the direction pressed and pressing J or Z will make your knight attack. The K and L keys will use your skills once you get them, and pressing P will pause the game. The battles are fought in a multi-directional plane, and your enemies can come on to you from different sides, so try your best to either kill them quickly or dodge them and kill them all in a few swoops. After the tutorial, you will be sent to the world map where you choose the stage you want to play (usually it would be good to keep progressing before playing the side quests) and having the option to upgrade your knight and allies. The goal of the game is pretty straightforward, kill everything, move on to the next level, then kill everything again.

There’s a lot of hack and slash games out there that are nice, but Mighty Knight really deserves a place in anyone’s hack-and-slash must play lists as this game can really keep you hooked for hours. The simple gameplay yet hard combat AI are good factors on keeping this game interesting and upping it’s playing value. If you’re in the market for a good hack-and-slash combat game, Mighty Knight might just be what you’re looking for.

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