Lion’s Tooth

Nope, this game is not as hardcore as it sounds like, but as we all know, Lion’s Tooth is not just literally referring to one of the most harmful animals in the planet. It is also a name given to a beautiful flower, the dandelion. It is called Lion’s Tooth mainly because the leaves of it are merely resembling the teeth of a lion.
Now who would have thought that this flower could end up in such an epic journey? Lion’s Tooth is a very simple yet fun and amusing avoider game. The code and graphics were both credited to a guy named Kai Chung. Basically, your goal is to take control of a dandelion seed and collect the rest of the florets that you will encounter along the way. Generally, there are 35 florets or dandelion seeds to be collected and once you are done collecting them, your journey will begin! All you need is to move the seeds by hovering your mouse on the screen and avoid all the obstacles you will encounter along the way.

Screenshot of the game.

Screenshot of the game.

Keep in mind that your mission is not just to collect as many dandelion seeds as you can but also saving as many as possible during your journey. The game is done and played in a strict linear progression in which you will be taken to different scenes continuously. I personally like the transition of one scene to another. As you hover the mouse, the seeds will follow the movement of your cursor but kindly refrain the main seed from hitting any of the incoming obstacles, otherwise, it will lose a seed. If you lose all the seeds, you still need to finish the game until the very last stage and your score will be displayed afterwards.
Apart from its dynamically changing atmosphere, the game is also accompanied with a very nice and soothing music courtesy of Carefree by Waterflame. The game is generally simple yet captivating and amusing enough to be enjoyed!

Play Lion’s Tooth here.

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