Lightybulb 2

The market for puzzle games has become huge in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean it’s all good. There are plenty of puzzle games that are either too easy or too hard, so people walk away from them. Lightybulb, I believe, would be a mix of very hard puzzles along with a few easy ones, which is an OK combination, but all of them are still pretty fun to solve.

Lightybulb 2 has a pretty simple goal and premise; light the bulb by giving it power. The light bulb can be given energy in a variety of ways, all of them though will have a puzzle for you to solve first, so make sure to get your brain ready before you play. There will be a number of puzzles before you can finish the game, including a few ones that might get you completely stumped. One of the easier ones will have you pressing a button to give power to another button that will then give power to the light switch, so you just have to press them in order. Some of them will use time puzzles, and some will use pictures to reveal the puzzle’s answers. There’s really no key presses needed or whatever, all you need is your mouse, so the game is pretty simple in terms of controls. If you think that a puzzle requires you to press something outside your mouse, then think again, because that answer is probably wrong.

If you’re in the market for a quick puzzle game, then let Lightybulb 2 take your time. The puzzles are very good and a few of the many ways to answer the puzzles are actually pretty fun. Take your time to think about the answers, or if you really want to progress, there’s a few guides around the net to help you out. Don’t worry, we won’t think you’re cheating for it.

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