Lego: Out of Step

Ever wanted to play with legos but don’t have enough money to buy them (legos are expensive now that they’re super popular because of the franchise stuff like Star Wars, Batman, and Jurassic World being made in lego worlds)? Well then, try out Lego: Out of Step!

Lego: Out of Step is a simple platformer where you take the form of some kind of Lego god and drop in lego blocks whenever it’s needed. The game revolves around a lego fox that needs to get to the end of the stage, and this is where your godly lego dropping powers come into place. The fox will just keep walking forward unless he is stopped by a wall or some other form of obstacle. It’s your job to ensure he gets to the end. You’ll take hold of 3 lego blocks: a regular lego floor block, a spring made of legos, and a huge lego rock. Each block will have their own function and will be needed to finish the game. The floor block is used to make the fox walk a bit higher. If you drop them on top of each other, you can make stairs so he can reach higher places and keep walking and avoid some obstacles. The spring will make the fox jump. This will be used to reach higher platforms and avoid obstacles, too, but this can be used without prior planning unlike the floor block. The rock lego is used to drop on breakable things. There will be parts of the course where something huge is blocking the way and will have collectible legos inside it, then you can just drop a rock and destroy that obstacle. Not only does it clear a path, it also gives you those lego pieces that you’ll need to collect for points. The lego pieces will be scattered throughout the level and will also require the use of the blocks you have to enable to fox to reach them.

If you just want a quiet little world filled with legos, fun, and a bit of a challenge, then Lego: Out of Step is the perfect game to try out. It’ll keep you busy for hours on end.

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