Learn to Fly 3

Penguins can’t fly, but hey, they are still one of the cutest species’ of bird in the whole world, right? Learn to Fly 3 fixes that problem and the cute little penguins will do everything in their power to be able to fly! Aren’t they just cute?

Learn to Fly 3 is a simulator that puts you in the shoes of a penguin army head, and that army’s one and only goal is to let penguins fly high into the sky with their technology. The game’s goal is to gain enough money to get the best equipment available so that your cute little penguin friend can test it and see if it could fly out to space. You will be given a tutorial on how to buy stuff and what to initially buy. The controls of the game are pretty simple too. All you will ever need is your mouse and the W and S buttons on your keyboard. You will be given choices as you play as to what equipment you’d like to use, and the equipment’s stats will be displayed, giving you a rough idea on how well that item can be used. There will also be different conditions for some of the launching items that will initially start your flying motions, so watch out for those (some will have you use your mouse to aim, some will have you use the keyboard, and one other will let you use the mouse buttons to time your flight). Some items will need a little help by pressing a certain key on your keyboard to make it work. The overall goal is to get to the highest point you can. Each jump will award you money that you can take and use to get the next best equipment or upgrade your current equipment to make it better. Do your best and aim for the top!

Also, because why not, a video of cute penguins:

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