KUJA – a weird game

There’s a bunch of weird little games around the internet, and I can confidently say that KUJA would be one of them, but then we can also say that not all weird games are bad, in fact, this game also proves that. It’s weird, but it’s fun and strange at the same time. It’s going to be a while before I put this game down, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
KUJA is a bar brawler simulator that lets you play as a random drunk dude out for a brawl with a bunch of other guys, even including the bouncer (you’re all probably drunk, which is why this is happening)! The goal of the game is to beat up the most number of people before you pass out from getting beat up, yourself. You have a health bar at the top of the screen that goes down every time you get hit (or when you are down and not standing up), and goes up every time you take someone out. There’s no need to worry about the controls since you have just 3 buttons, that’s the left arrow button to punch forward with your left arm, the right arrow button to punch forward with your right arm, the pressing up will let you jump (or stand up if you are down). The punches work a bit weird in a sense that wherever your arm is pointing, this is what is considered “forward”. So for example, if your arm is behind you then press the punch button of that arm, you will punch backward. To get your arms back forward, press nothing to let your character take the brawl stance again. The game starts out with you on one side and your opponents on the other. Your player will take a brawl stance and walk toward the nearest opponent for you to punch. Punching will make you move forward faster instead of waiting for your player to walk towards them. Getting zero on your health bar will give you a game over, and your score is the total people you take out, so try to take out plenty of people before you actually pass out.
KUJA is a weird little brawling game that looks weird and plays weird, but I can honestly say that his is a very fun game. Maybe it’s even a drunk brawl simulator instead of a real bar brawl simulator? But whatever it is, it’s fun, and that’s what really matters! Play it now!

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