Knight Trap

The princess of the land will marry the first knight to get to her castle. Sweet! Looks like all the knights in the kingdom has started running towards the castle. Oops! It’s a trap by the most sadistic princess ever! Knight Trap is a game about a princess luring all the knights in the realm into her castle filled with booby traps and other stuff to set them on cages. Will you also fall for this trap or will you help your fellow knights survive this horrific incident?

Knight Trap is a platform game that puts you in the shoes of the only knight that was actually smart enough to check his steps first before marching in to a castle filled with traps. Your job is to save each and every one of the stupid knights that got reeled in just because a princess suddenly said that she will marry the first one to reach her castle. In any case, you’ll have your wit and physical prowess to help you out. Each level will have different traps laid out to stop your progress, and you’ll have to avoid all of them to rescue all the prisoners. You can control your knight by using the arrow keys. Pressing the left and right arrow keys will make your knight move left and right, respectively. Pressing the up arrow key will make your knight jump, and holding the up arrow key will make you jump slightly higher as opposed to just tapping it. You will need to bring a certain number of knights to the top of each level to proceed, and you will also have just a certain number of knights available to you (usually around 2 or 3 more than what you need to bring to the top) so always be careful.
Will you be able to help everyone out of this predicament while also being the first one to reach the top of the castle? Let’s hope that princess is a hot one so we won’t feel like our efforts were wasted, right? Knight Trap is a great platformer so if you were online to find one, then this is a great game to start with.

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