JoeyQuest is a pretty weird, but at the same time pretty unique, game. It does not have a fancy opening, a fancy introduction, or any fancy movies. Nevertheless, this game is a good game. Humor is one of its main assets, but don’t let that fool you, JoeyQuest is a deep game filled with references to different internet stuff, so make sure you know your memes and internet jokes, because you’re going to be in one heck of a ride with JoeyQuest.

The game, as mentioned, will start without giving you any choices. Once you load the game up, you’re already playing it. No menus or anything, which is kind of confusing at first, but then you realize that this game was meant to be a bit confusing. It’s part of its charm. You control Joey, the main character of the story, along with Anon, which is short for Anonymous. You can control Joey by pressing W, A, S, and D to move around. Pressing the space bar will make Joey interact with whatever is in front of him. I recommend interacting with Anon first (he’s the tall guy on the screen that’s not Joey, pretty hard to miss) as he will give you a rundown on what you can do in the world. Once he’s give you instructions, that’s pretty much it. You will need to explore the world and do fetch quests to finish the game.

JoeyQuest isn’t too crazy about cutscenes and graphics, but it acts like a good RPG. The fetch quests can become confusing and may get a few players stuck, but keep at it. The ending might just get you laughing that it’ll feel that everything you did was worth it.

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