You know a game is destined to greatness when the devs release a beta of the game and lets people play it with it being incomplete. This is to make sure that the dev can get feedback and find out what they did right and what else they can do to make it better. That’s IsoPlat right now, a beta game with the framework and concept laid down, but needs a bit of polish and help from the players.

IsoPlat is a platfomer with action RPG elements where you play the role of a guy who wants to be the great hero that will save an island inhabited by monsters. The game, as mentioned, is still in its beta stages and is really a barebones game. There are no textures yet, and all models are just dummies without any faces. In any case, you control the game by using both your mouse and keyboard. You move around using the W, A, S, and D keys and use the E key to interact with things or people (there’re only a few things you can actually interact with for now). The mouse cursor is used to move the camera around. The left mouse button uses your melee attack while the right mouse button casts a flame spell that shoots forward. The game is also completely compatible with gamepads, so if you have one, give it a try. Even in its early stages, the game already has quests that you can undertake, but because the game is incomplete, not all of them would be possible to do. Some of the hindrances includes the physics of the game, jumps are clunky and there are some spaces where you can get stuck pretty easily. Your attacks are too weak while the enemies are all too strong. Although you do get stronger by levelling up, the balancing is still a bit lacking.

Even with all its imperfections, IsoPlat is already looking like a good game. With the right additions and polish, this game can become a masterpiece as the concept of the game is already good and the animations are done very well. We’re all excited to see this game become better, so play it and give the devs your feedback!

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