Take an anime that’s weirdly popular because of its cuteness and its way of being relatable through its characters and add it to a game medium that fits the anime genre perfectly, and you get Iron Heart. If you’re not familiar with the Hetalia anime, then you might not understand a lot of what’s happening in this game, so we suggest watching it if you’d like to play Iron Heart, believe me, you won’t regret it.

Iron Heart is a visual novel about Hetalia, an anime that revolves around characters that are named as countries all around the world. These characters represent these countries not only by name, but also their culture, the way they move, and the stuff they like – it’s kind of how Japan looks at the stereotypes of these countries. Iron Heart is a kind of like a fan fiction about the anime and gives you more freedom, of course, instead of just watching what’s happening on the screen. You play as Lithuania and will be interacting with a lot of different characters like German, Prussia, and America. All you’ll really do is read through the game, which is why it’s called a visual novel. As you read, there’ll be times when you’ll be given a choice on what to say or do, and it will affect the future interactions with other characters as well as the ending, so this game has a lot of replay value because of all the different choices. The game can be played with just your mouse. Using your left mouse button lets you interact with the game. You’ll use this button to skip text and make choices. There’s not much to explain in this game since it’s very easy to pick up, play, and understand as long as you can read.

Iron Heart is just a demo right now and doesn’t have all the endings and paths completed yet, but give it some love by downloading the game. This game is very good and the writing is alright (it’s got a bit of a western style to it instead of just the Japanese style of writing scripts). If you want to play a visual novel, this would be a good start, especially if you know the Hetalia lore.

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