Not a single soul in our present world will know what our future will look like and what science may bring to the table to increase our knowledge, but looking at our world right now, I can assume that anything science can bring in, we’ll use for war. Enter Intrusion, a game set in a future that is filled with weapons made to kill people instead of help each other, robots roaming the earth to destroy trespassers, and suits that protect you from the imminent danger that is a human being with a gun. Still want the future to happen? Then fight and survive, that’s your only choice.
Intrusion is a side scrolling shooter game that lets you play as a lone soldier out to save the planet. All you have is your gun, your power suit, and your will to survive. You’ll be using all of these, plus the weapons you’ll be picking up, to fight your way through the enemy base and kill anyone in your way to the world’s freedom. The game controls are pretty easy to learn and master, nad you’ll be playing like a real freedom fighter in minutes. The A and D buttons will make you walk left and right, the W button will make you jump, and pressing the S button will make you crouch (you’ll use this to avoid enemy fire). The mouse cursor will aim your weapon to wherever the cursor is, and using the left mouse button will make you shoot. There will be a lot of different enemies, and some of them will be dropping weapons that you can pick up and use against all the other enemies.
Will you survive or will you succumb to the war? If you want to find out, step into the game of Intrusion and destroy everything in your path. If someone stops you, point your gun to it, and pull the trigger.

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