Inca Adventure

Inca Adventure is a great two player game on Newgrounds, but if you don’t have a friend in the immediate vicinity, then no need to worry since this game can be played alone and can still be a lot of fun, but be ready for a huge challenge.
The game is about a father and daughter team that goes in to the pyramids to explore it while they gather a few treasures for themselves. Inca Adventure is all about cooperation and can be finished pretty easily if you are playing with a friend that helps you out. The controls are pretty simple. Pressing W, A, S, and D will move the daughter while pressing the arrow keys will move the dad. Each of them has separate, unique abilities that they can use to help each other out. The daughter can jump higher and reach higher platforms while the dad can do only a short jump but can lift heavy objects. There will be platforms that cannot be reached alone, so any one of the 2 can use the other as a platform to reach the higher levels. You will really need to cooperate properly to actually get to the end of each level. A level ends when both the dad and daughter get to the door to enter the next room, but the door will only open when all of the shiny treasures are collected. Using all of your skills and wit, along with good cooperation, will get you all the way to the end of all 20 levels.
If you have a friend or a partner to play with, this game can be a whole lot of fun, or frustrating depending on the other player. If you’re alone, it’s still a great game, but controlling 2 people at the same time can be a bit challenging. Inca Adventure is a must play for those that like platforming with a bit of puzzle solving.

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