Hoverboard by Xkcd

There are games that makes a lot of sense in a whole lot of different ways, like the story or the gameplay or in some other way. Then you get games like Hoverboard, that really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but you still play it to find out what it really is, and then a few more minutes later, you find out that it really does not even try to make any sense of anything, but you still like playing it because you like hoverboards.

Hoverboard is a game about a guy on a hoverboard. That pretty much it. You can move by using the arrow keys to move to any direction, and yes, including upwards. You start out in some sort of skatepark with a few coins to collect, but collecting those coins aren’t really as necessary as you might think. You can move out of the skatepark to find that there’s a lot more to this game’s world. There are a few places you can go to find people with weird conversations, some funny, and some just plain weird, some will even be a few meters up talking about aluminum and one of them will be at the bottom of the well and he says he just like wells. It’s that type of weird. It’s still a pretty cool game though, and the humor is actually pretty good. The animations are also very smooth, though that’s not really too much to say since the only thing they animated is your character.

This game is a very weird one, but there’s really not much to expect since it was created as a little project and wasn’t really created to be a full game (XKCD is a cartoon site after all). It’s still pretty fun though since the concept of a hoverboard is cool and seeing people with weird conversations is pretty funny. If you’ve got time to spare and like a game you can pick up and leave anytime, then Hoverboard would be a good game to go to.

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