There has been a lot of horror games floating around on the internet, with their creepiness making you want to not sleep at night because something might just pop up from underneath the bed, but out of all of the creepy flash games I’ve played, House takes the cake. It’s one of the creepiest, hardest, and weirdest games that I have every played online.

House is a horror / action / puzzle game that lets you play as Tabby, a little girl trapped in a house filled with mysteries. You control Tabby by using the arrow keys and you interact with stuff by pressing the A button on your keyboard. You can find different items and people to talk to later on in the game, but you start off in a room with nothing to do aside from sleeping. You take that nap and once you wake up, it’s like the stuff inside your house is now different, and a few things that shouldn’t be here are here (like your doll suddenly coming to life). Talking to the people in the house will help you find out what you need to do (I won’t spoil it). There are 3 endings to look forward to, each which can be unlocked by doing something differently on each play you do. After around 2 to 3 real minutes, your dad comes home and has a knife. You don’t need too much imagination to find out what he wants. There will be a few ways to take care of your dad, which is also the key to all the different endings.
House is a very scary game, with all the endings making it a bit more creepy than it already was. If you are into games with great storytelling and very mysterious and curious puzzles, then House should be one of the games you go to,

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