Hide Online

Hide and seek is one of the best games you’ll ever play as a kid (as long as you’re not always “it”), but nowadays, there’s almost no one to play it with. Everyone would always be inside their homes, playing video games or watching TV. Well, if you’ve been yearning to go hide and seek, here’s your chance!

Hide Online is a hide and seek simulator that lets you play the old childhood game (with a little twist) without even having to stand up from your couch! This game lets you play as one of two sides each round, you’re either a hunter that goes seeking for those hiding or a prop that will go hiding as anything around as an everyday item. If you’re a hunter, you’ll be playing using a first person view and play the game like an FPS. You’ll wield 2 guns (an automatic rifle and a shotgun) that you’ll use to shoot any of the props when you have a suspicion that one of them is actually a hiding prop. Shooting anything else that isn’t a prop will reduce your health. A round is over when the hunters kill all the props (hunters win), the hunters all die due to shooting non-hiding props (props win), or the time runs out with a prop still alive (props win, too). The controls as hunters are the same as your typical PC FPS. W, A, S, and D to move around and the mouse cursor to aim and move the camera. The left mouse button is used to fire your weapon and 1 and 2 keys are used to cycle through your 2 weapons.

Playing as a prop is a little different, though. You start the round as a general item, and you’ll have 10 seconds to find an item that you’d like to hide as. After 10 seconds, the hunters will walk around to try and find you, and kill you. You will be using the same W, A, S and D keys to move around, but you will also be using the E key to turn into whatever your cursor is pointing at. You’ll also have the Q key to let out a noisy taunt that’ll alert the hunters to where you are (use it sparingly). The props will also be forced to taunt every 30 seconds to at least give the hunters a fighting chance at finding you.

This game is all about your wit and cunning, no matter what side you’re playing as. If you’re out to find a game that’ll bring back those childhood memories, then look no further than Hide Online.

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