Happy Room

Happiness is an emotion that can be brought on by a lot of catalysts. Some become happy when they see cute things like puppies or kittens. Some people find happiness in buying things or traveling. Some would even find happiness in eating. You would have to be a sick person to find happiness in torturing a person (not a real one, though), but hey, we’re not here to judge (we can totally relate).

Happy Room

Happy Room is a torture room simulator that puts you in a room with a test dummy that’ll be used to test out all of the equipment that you have, mostly fatal ones. You’ll be given a set of stuff that you’ll strategically place in the room to try and dish out as much damage as you can to the test dummy. Each item has a certain amount of hit points that goes down as the test dummy becomes damaged by it. You will need money to place and plant those weapons. Money can be gained by completing different missions that will be displayed on top of the screen. A lot of those missions will have you hitting the dummy multiple times with one trap/equipment, but it’s not as easy as you think as you need to set those traps smartly if you want to finish missions. Later on, you’ll be able to upgrade those traps and weapons to make an even more destructive weapon. The more destructive the weapon, the easier it is to use for your different missions, so make sure to upgrade it when you have the chance. And oh, before I forget, all you’ll ever need for this game is your mouse, as everything is controlled by it. This game will have a very good tutorial session at the start so no need to worry about playing blind.

If you’re up for a little fun with a bit of blood (okay, we lied, it actually has a lot of blood), then try out Happy Room, it’s definitely a room filled with happiness.

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