Another game from the very famous and crazy set of action games from the io series is coming your way, and this time, we’ve got more action because of the addition of guns and power ups! is one of the newest additions in the io series of games (Wilds, Diep, …) and puts a whole new action twist on the series. They put in the tested proven formula of “you’ve got a great game? Let’s make it better by adding guns!” into the game, and it works so well. puts you in the same situation as all the other io games, you are dropped in an arena filled with all other players all over the world fighting for dominance in this game. The moment you click on Start after you input your name, you are immediately sent to the arena on a tank with a pistol. Wherever your mouse cursor is, that’s where your tank will face and your tank will always be moving forward. Pressing the left mouse button will use the weapon you are currently equipped with, and you will shoot wherever you are facing instead of where you clicked, so keep that in mind. All around the map, there will be a few different stuff that will help you out in your quest to be the best, including little crystal cubes that will give you experience points, portals that will teleport you to another side of the map for a surprise attack, and speed ups and shields to help you stay alive. Gain enough experience and you will level up, wherein you’ll receive an even stronger weapon. Killing enemies will not only heal your tank but it also increases your maximum HP, so kill as many as you can to become the sturdiest tank of all.

The io series is only becoming better, and this addition gives you an even better option if you like shooting other people for dominance. If you like guns and weapons along with the player kill feature, then would be a great game for you to play.

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