Gamma Bros

Anyone who has at least minimal knowledge of games knows about Space Invaders, a simple yet difficult space shooter. It is a timeless classic, but Gamma Bros, made by PiXelJAM, might just be the next best thing.

Gamma Bros is a pixelated space shooter in which your task is to shoot the spaceships invading your gaming screen from all directions. The story is compressed into a short intro movie in which two brothers, working on a space station, notice an invasion of spaceships. They enter their shuttles and set off to save the station.

It is a game of mobility, perception and skill. You move your spaceship with arrow keys and can shoot in all directions by using W to shoot up, S to shoot down, A to shoot left and D to shoot right. Some of the destroyed enemies leave behind coins which disappear after a few seconds. Collecting them increases your bank account which you can then use when a travelling merchant carrying health and weapon upgrades passes through your warzone. In addition to coins, some enemies leave behind power-ups (movement speed, health, shield or increased shooting speed for your laser cannons).

One feature stands out, though. When your ship is destroyed, the game isn’t over. Instead, you are left to fight in your spacesuit. When things start to look grim for your player, his brother appears and switches places with him allowing you to continue the fight against the evil aliens. There are plenty of different spaceships to destroy and figuring the best trajectory can be a real challenge.

All in all, Gamma Bros is a challenging shooter with an innovating approach. It just goes to show that it doesn’t take high-end graphics to make an intelligent and fun game.

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