Freeway Fury 2

One of the best games I’ve recently played is Freeway Fury 2. The game is made by Vasco Freitas, a very talented portuguese freelance game developer.

The idea is simple: you are driving on the highway, jumping from vehicle to vehicle, and going as fast as possible. Each jump gives you nitro, and you get bonuses by jumping over multiple vehicles.  Spacebar slows time down which lets you make jumps to other cars.  There are multiple checkpoints so you never lose too much of your progress. You get points for regular jumps, long distance jumps, speed reversal (jumping on a car that’s going in the other direction!), slams, and going in the opposing direction. Basically for everything which you are not allowed to (and shouldn’t!) do in real life. The trucks are good to damage other cars, but have quite slow acceleration. The motos accelerate well but if you crash into another vehicle you die immediately. My personal favorite is the police car. It has good acceleration, and it quite strong compared to most other vehicles.

About 2 months ago Vasco announced the iPhone version on his blog. I haven’t had the chance to try it, but if you have played it let me know and I can add your thoughts to this blog post!

Update on Sept 19, 2014: The sequel of Freeway Fury 2 is now out: play Freeway Fury 3. It’s at least as much fun as its prequel 🙂