Grenades are dangerous! That being said, we can move on to Fragger, a 2D stationary shooting game created by Harold Brenes. Technically it’s not a shooter, more like grenade-throwing-in-order-to-kill-some-Grunts-and-being-very-precise-about-it kind of game.

The mechanics of the game are similar to those of Angry Birds, but not exactly the same. Power of your throw is controlled by moving the cursor to the bottom (for low power) or the top (for more power) of the power meter which is at the same time the trajectory cursor. It takes some time to learn how much power, combined with the right angle, is required to land the grenade where you want it and even then the smallest of adjustments of either power or trajectory will cause you to miss your intended target.

You play as Fragger, a guy dressed up in what seems to be  S.W.A.T. clothes, and your mission is to kill all the Grunts on the level. At least that is my guess since there is no background story to follow which is a shame considering how many good excuses can be made for throwing grenades at other people (do not try this at home). However, even though there is no story, the design and sound effects quality is quite high, keeping you interested from the beginning to the end.

The game has 30 levels which get rather tricky by the end. Some levels even force you to stop and think about your next move even though you can restart the level as many times you need. The whole game on normal mode can be finished within one hour. For the perfectionists there are hard and elite modes to play as well as several achievements to unlock.

All in all, Fragger is an interesting albeit short game, just perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

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