There are games that don’t really have goals or endings or anything like that, there are games that a lot of people will never really ever understand, and then, there’s flOw. That’s not to say that flOw is a bad game, because in all seriousness, it makes the game far from being bad. flOw is such a relaxing game that playing the game for hours wouldn’t be too surprising, even though it’s a game with no real goals.

So what is flOw? I don’t think anyone really knows what it is and what you need to do is, because the game starts you off with nothing, no tutorials, no messages, no story, nothing. The game starts the moment you load the game up. You control a worm-like creature by moving your mouse, wherever your cursor is, the worm will follow. You will see different dots on the screen that your worm can devour to grow, and it seems like it’s the only real goal of the game. There will also be a bigger dot that will have either a white or black dot inside of it, eating the black dot will take you into a deeper level, with more dots to eat, while eating the white one will take you back to a previous level (naturally, there will be no white dot on the first level). Taking in all of the edible dots before going down a level would be a good idea, but no one will stop you if you just want to go down a level.

I would think the idea of the game is to give a relaxing vibe, and it does just that pretty well. The music is also very soothing that it’s like the game really wants you to keep playing it. If you need a chill game for a stressful weekday, flOw might just be right up your alley.

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