It has been so long since a futuristic racing game has gotten me excited, and thanks to Flipside, that drought has finally gone to pass. Flipside, as mentioned, is a racing game that is clearly set in the future (though it’s never really mentioned, but hey, you can tell by how it looks anyway) and brings a speedy and crazy racing experience right from your computer monitor.

Flipside’s charm is all about the beautiful tron-like futuristic cars and the challenging racing mechanics. This game can also be played with 2 players, so you can get a friend in on the fun and fight for a bit of bragging rights. The controls are the left and right (for the first player) or A and D (for the second player) arrow keys to drive your vehicle, and pressing the up (for the first player) or W (for the second player) arrow key to jump. There’s only a single course to race on, but that doesn’t mean that the game will be the same each race because your opponent’s movements are also a huge factor in winning. Any bump from any obstacles (including walls) and enemies will immediately kill all your momentum and bring you to a sudden stop, so do your best to avoid bumping into anything. The races are all about momentum and knowing which direction you need to drive on. Once the direction changes, you can quickly switch the button you’re pressing to keep your momentum. The first one to finish 3 laps wins the whole race.

It’s really hard to find good racing games that can pull of the futuristic feel online. It’s been years since a something of this genre has ever come close to the F-Zero games of past, but if you’re a fan of games that are the same as F-Zero, then Flipside would be a nice little game you can have fun with.

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