Fleeing the Complex

Henry Stickmin is convicted of a serious crime and is being sent to a maximum security compound called The Wall. Is there any way he can escape? Should he escape alone? Maybe kill a few guards along the way too? Well, everything is up to you to decide. Pick Henry’s fate as you go through more than 30 scenarios of different results based on your decisions.

Fleeing the Complex is a decision based game where you decide on Henry’s every move and every step. The story starts you off with Henry being taken to The Wall, and being sent in to a cell with another prisoner. This is where the game actually starts. You never get to control Henry, but in a way, you control his actions by selecting one for him. In every choice, you get a different result that can either be good or bad for Henry. If it was a bad choice, you get to see what happens with your choice and then you go back to the previous choices you were given to give it another go, and if it was a good choice, you see the fruits of that choice, and then move on to a different set of choices. A lot is hanging on your decision since there will also be branching paths of choices, meaning one choice can lead to a different scenario, while another one will lead to a different setting. There’s a lot of replayability just because of this mechanic, and it’s pretty fun to see what happens in all of your choices. There will also be a lot of references to different pop culture stuff and games, like the infamous box from the Metal Gear Solid series, or for a more obscure reference, the tactical map stage from Fire Emblem. The comedy found here is gold, and I found myself laughing to almost every scenario.

A good story is hard to find nowadays, and one that actually gives you a choice to make it a good or bad story is even harder. Fleeing the Complex is filled with excitement and humor, and branching paths with multiple endings will keep you coming back for more. Want to see if Henry actually escapes? Then go ahead and try the awesome Fleeing the Complex. You’ll have tons of fun for sure.

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