Final Ninja

If you just went, “Oh God, another typical ninja game” by reading the game’s title, then you my friend, thought the same thing as I first thought, and also, you are also mistaken, just like me. Final Ninja, on Nitrome, is just so much more than an average ninja platformer and is pretty simple as it is fun.

Final Ninja puts you in the feet of one of the best ninja ever trained, Takeshi. All Takeshi wants is for everything to stop, and for him to retire to his nice little garden, but if you’ve ever played ninja games before, you’ll know that ninjas will never get what they want as easy as they think. Takeshi’s trainer, Akuma, wants to kick him out of retirement and get back to being a ninja and do what ninjas do best, kill targets. Takeshi wants out, but this time, instead of running, he goes on to confront his master. Adventure through more than 15 levels of action platforming as you go through enemies and find your master’s loot that he left behind (apparently he tends to leave stuff lying around). You move Takeshi around by pressing either W, A, S, D or the arrow keys. Takeshi can shoot ninja stars by clicking the left mouse button and he will shot in the direction of the cursor, use the cursor to aim to wherever the enemies are. He can also shoot out ninja ropes by holding the left mouse button. If the ninja rope hits a wall, you can control Takeshi by climbing up or down or swinging left and right using the same movement controls you use on the ground. There’s a lot of secret stuff to unlock, so keep an eye out for that.

Will you be able to help Takeshi out in his fight to retire as the best ninja in the world, or will you crumble under the might of your master, Akuma, and his assassins? Only you have the power to help Takeshi overcome his master’s challenges.

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