Exit Path 2

An experiment gone wrong has happened in one of the underground labs. It’s high time that you escape these labs and stop being the guinea pig. You’ll be exiting the lab and going out of the underground sewers to find freedom, but will you ever find it, though?

Exit Path 2 is a runner game that lets you play as one of the guinea pigs (person) of an underground lab that has been running experiments on you, and just want to finally taste freedom. It’s not going to come easy though as there would be a lot of obstacles you would have to go through to actually get to the surface, and once on the surface, the cruel truth of freedom will come into play, and you will see that the underground doesn’t really seem so bad after all. In any case, you play the game completely by keyboard. The arrow keys are your movement keys and pressing the Shift or Space key will make you use your “Flow” which will be explained in game, but as a quick tip about it, it will help you through obstacles by giving you a better jump arc and speed. If you find the game lagging, you can always press the Q key to change the quality to one that your computer can handle.
The game’s music is very good and can be a bit addicting. The melody and tempo is just enough to want you to keep playing the game and feel like you are part of the game’s action. The graphics are pretty decent for a flash game, too, and the animation of each action and background is superbly done.
If you are looking for a pretty good game with great mechanics and very good gameplay, Exit Path 2 might be the game you are looking for.

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