We just have to say this before anything else, we never thought, even in our wildest dreams, that a puzzle game can ever be made with such a scientific concept such as electrons, but here we are with Electrio. What a time to be alive! This is a game that puzzle lovers will adore, guaranteed.


Electrio is a puzzle game that’s all about electrons. It’s got a really straightforward goal, just connect all the electrons together in the correct order while making sure that none of your chains overlap. You have to include all of the electrons in your chain and circle back to the first electron. The order has to be positive connected to negative connected to positive then back o negative until you get back to the first electron. Once you’ve done that, you end the level and you’re given a new set of electrons to connect. The game is played entirely by your mouse. You click an electron and point to another electron you want to chain to, then you click again to connect them. It’s as simple as that. The challenge comes from being able to avoid crossing paths while also being able to get back to the first electron in the chain. Then, as you go through the game and advance through the levels, other challenges will be presented to you. Once of those will be moving electrons. Some of the electrons will start moving in a predictable pattern, and you’ll have to time your connections. Connecting a moving electron to another one will stop it from moving, so you’ll have to stop them strategically to make sure you don’t stop it in a place where it will become a hindrance in connecting all of the electrons without overlapping. How’s that for a good challenge?

Electrio is such a great puzzle game that it should definitely not be missed, especially by the puzzle lovers. This game has a lot of levels that you can play through, each one being more satisfying that the last.

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