Drunken Wrestlers

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t be doing when you are drunk (especially driving!), like texting, or cooking, or anything else that will put your life in danger. Wrestling, can be part of that long list, but hey, if you’re wrestling for fun, then why not? Drunken Wrestlers simulates what it would look and feel like if you wrestled while intoxicated, really sloppy, really funny, and really wobbly.

Drunken Wrestling lets you play as one of two wrestlers who decided to fight each other while intoxicated. The controls are pretty easy to understand and use. Pressing W (for the first player if you are playing with a friend) or UP on the arrow keys (for the second player) will attack your opponent with a forward punch while pressing A and D (for the first player) or LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys (for the second player) will move your player, but be warned, you are drunk so moving might not feel very precise. The aim of the game is to knock your opponent out by attacking until one of you falls on the floor or is thrown out of the ring by force. A draw happens when both players fall at the same time, and no win is awarded. The player that wins 5 rounds wins. Playing alone is ok, but the game really shines when played with a friend or sibling, as bragging rights can be put on the line.
This is a great game and is an even better 2 player game. If you’ve got a friend staying over or a sibling that wants something to play with you, then grab them and play Drunken Wrestling. It’s gonna be a blast.

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