Don’t Escape 2

This is the 2nd game in the Don’t Escape series, and you’ve barely made it out alive of the first game. The world has been infested by zombies and the head count of people alive is slowly going down. Your friend Bill has been bitten and it’s only a matter of time before he kicks the bucket. But he’s still you’re friend and you take him to a nearby hiding spot to try and survive.

Don’t Escape 2 is a point and click survival game by the same maker as the Deep Sleep games that lets you play as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. You’re currently in a good and safe position but need supplies fast if you want to survive the night along with your friend Bill. You’ll be using your mouse to pick up objects around the world to help you create a safe place for you to rest. You can hover over any item that seems to be useful and you can click it to either pick it up or interact with it. All items that have been picked up can be used by bringing your mouse cursor to the top-left of the screen and clicking on the item you’d like to use. The cursor will change to that item and you can click on the screen to use it. Along the way you’ll find some survivors that can help you speed some tasks up, so watch out for that. Also, some items can be used only once so you’ll also have to choose on where to use them and when (huge example is a canister of gas that you can either use for a car that will lower your travel time or use it on a generator on your hideout so you have electricity). You have a set amount of time before night falls so you’d also have to put that into consideration. Time moves as you travel around so keep that in mind. The game has a few different endings that’ll come up depending on some of your choices, which includes keeping Bill alive or ending his misery early.

Don’t Escape 2 is a well thought out game and has been executed very well. Everything falls into place perfectly and each choice is a heavy one to make, luckily, you can keep playing until you get all the endings, if you’d like (we certainly did). Believe us when we say that this game won’t disappoint, so go and play it, and play the first game while you’re at it!

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