Dodge ball is one of the best childhood games because it requires coordination, precision, awareness and, most of all, reflexes. Dodger is a browser game made by Rasmus Enhörning and Andreas Herman which requires all of the above as well. The only difference is that in dodge ball the ball hurts a bit when it hits you while in Dodger you have to evade and/or shoot fireballs which kill you the moment they touch you.

Dodger is a platform shooter game in which your mission is to reach a certain score in order to be able to play the next level. You control a green alien by using W for jump, A for left, D for right and SPACE to shoot your laser gun.  Score increases with time, meaning that the longer you manage to avoid the balls, the bigger your score will be. Furthermore, each destroyed fireball gives you additional 5 points. The game consists of fifteen well designed levels, each requiring a different approach so the minimum for the next level can be reached.

Each level has something unique about it, adding diversity to the game. For instance, instead of fireballs, cannons on the edge of the map shoot snowballs, which grow bigger as they collide with each other. On another level the fireballs are immune to your laser for a certain period of time. There is, of course, the-floor-is-lava level and so on…

There are four Dodgers to choose from: happy green one (the one you start with), suspiciously content orange one (unlocked when the game is finished), one eyed pink alien (when your average score is over 1000 points) and the cool blue alien (this one is unlocked when you like the game on Facebook).

Dodger is an example of a small game in which passing a level can makes you feel like you actually achieved something, a feeling games of the old times used to awaken.

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