Defuse It

Bomb squads have the hardest job in the world. Everything around a bomb they’re defusing is in danger and the lives of everyone around that same bomb is in jeopardy, and all of those is in the bomb squad’s hands. What happens if suddenly, you became part of that squad? Defuse It is a bomb disarming game that will take all of your wits and patience to the test and see if you have grace under pressure. It’s even better played with a friend!
The game starts once you click on the Play game button on the menu, so before pressing that, I advise you to download the bomb manuals. Downloading the manual can be done by clicking the Download Manual button on the main menu. You can also choose the difficulty (if this is your first time playing and you are playing alone, doing the easy difficulty is highly advised). Playing with a friend is definitely recommended as you will need someone to read the manual as you try to defuse the bomb, or someone to defuse it as you read the manual, whatever works for you. If you are playing alone, I recommend reading the manual first before playing so you know where to read once you encounter a problem with the bomb.

Once a game starts, the defuser will see a bomb on the screen with different parts. Each part is a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to defuse the bomb. Each part will have a page of instructions on the manual and following those instructions will defuse that particular part. Once all parts are done, the bomb will be defused, and you win. If one or more parts are unsolved once the timer reaches zero, the bomb explodes and you lose.
The key to winning this game is to get a good partner and to keep talking with each other to make sure that each part is taken care of with the quickest time possible. It’s very fun and very challenging, so getting a friend out to play this is worth the trouble.

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