Dead Zed 2

Ever wondered what the world would be like once the zombie apocalypse comes around? Many people already have a scenario in their head on what it would look and feel like, some would have a scenario a-la-Walking Dead, while others will have a Zombieland type of scene, but whatever you think the apocalypse would look like (and if you’re ACTUALLY looking forward to it), then Dead Zed 2 would be a good testing grounds.

Dead Zed 2 puts you into the shoes of a survivor among the dead people who woke up, hungry for flesh. You are alone and have to defend yourself by shooting the incoming zombies from atop your safehouse. After one day, you are off to search for more survivors and supplies, which the game does automatically so all you have to do is shoot those zombie brains out. As you find more survivors, your camp will have more help in defending the stronghold as you can choose what each survivor should be doing, like helping shoot the zombies, or using melee attacks to zombies that get too near the house, and some other will be the ones to do the searching. You can also have one survivor assist you by reloading your weapon when you’re using another weapon, making it easier to continue shooting. As you progress and as you search in more areas, more weapons and survivors will become available to you, making surviving a lot easier.

The controls are pretty simple. You use your mouse cursor to aim and shoot by left clicking on your mouse. A reticle will indicate where your shot will land, a larger reticle means lower accuracy, and your shot may land anywhere inside the reticle, so a weapon with better accuracy, will have a smaller reticle, giving you a better shot. Pressing the Q key on your keyboard will switch your weapon (once you find a new weapon by searching). In later stages, you will have the ability to plant mines and controlled explosives, which can be triggered by pressing 1, 2, or 3. Do your best to defend yourself and your camp, as you are expected to survive for 40 days before a rescue team arrives. Will you and your group of survivors be able to survive? Play Dead Zed 2 to find out.

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