Color Tanks

If there were anything in the world that I would never have imagined to be a good combination, it would have been colors and tanks, one filled with joy and happiness while the other filled with death and destruction. The combination, though very weird, felt just right after playing Color Tanks. Defeat a wide variety of opponents with a bunch of different powerups that will help you make the game easier and more fun at the same time.

Color Tanks is a little arena shooter that puts you into the treads of one of the hundreds of tanks filled with colored ink for bullets. You fight each other with those bullets to destroy each other with the wonderful power of your color bullets. Each opponent you defeat will give you money, and that money can go to different items that you can buy when you press the space bar (you can buy extra lives, extra weapon options, and even buy shields). You will be facing off against more and more opponents along the way, so buying stuff to get stronger will be essential if you’d want to get far in the campaign. The controls are simple. Use the W, A, S, and D to move around the map and press the left mouse button to shoot (you can hold the button to keep shooting). All tanks (including you) will have an HP bar on top of them, and each hit of your colored bullets will decrease that bar. Getting the bar to fully deplete will kill a tank. For you, you will have a set amount of lives (but can be increased by buying more), and if this number of lives drop to zero, it’s game over.
Color Tanks is a wonderful idea and can get you hooked as the gameplay is so simple and charming that it can become addictive in just a few minutes of gameplay. If you are looking for a good game to play that will keep you interested for about an hour or two, Color Tanks is a great game to go to.

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