There have been a lot of games for mobile that has been ported to the online browser world, as well as vice versa, and many of them have been great. Speaking of games like that, here’s Swingby, a game definitely and obviously made for the mobile platform, but has been ported to play on a browser, and it’s super cool.

Swingby lets you play as a comet that wants to move from planet to planet. That sounds like kind of a ridiculous premise, I know, but hey, it’s a game, so anything goes. You start off the game with a tutorial that’ll teach you everything you need, once you’re done with the tutorial, the game lets go of your hand and you’re all by yourself, which we found really nice as this game is hard but very rewarding.
Your little comet will start off orbiting a planet and you’ll see another planet with another orbit around it. Your goal is to move from your planet to that other planet’s orbit without going straight for the planet itself. As you orbit your planet slowly, you can click anywhere on the screen or press the J key to slingshot yourself off of your planet out to the next using your momentum from orbiting around your planet. Sounds easier than it’s done because, as mentioned, you cannot aim straight for the planet. You’ll have to aim somewhere around it to be able to stay alive. If you miss the next planet’s orbit, you’ll die and will have to start over.
Along the way, you’ll be able to pick up coins. These coins can be used to buy powerups that will let you survive even longer. There are 3 available powerups. One will make your comet go slower so you can manage and plan your moves better. The second one makes the planet smaller so you have a larger target (since the planet becomes smaller, the orbit becomes larger). Finally, there’s a powerup that lets you bounce off the walls so if you miss the planet and hit a wall, you’ll bounce at an angle giving you a chance to hit another orbit.
Swingby is a great mobile game that you can play for hours just trying to beat your high score. If you’re looking for a good casual game while you pass time, then go for Swingby.

From the Deep

A little creature is stuck in an uncharted island, and it’s your job to help that creature get out, but it looks like there’s something keeping you here, something sinister, something From the Deep (see what I did there?) Play the game and find out if you would ever be able to know what is keeping you on this island, and if you’ll ever be able to leave.

From the Deep

From the Deep is a puzzle platform game that lets you control a little creature that is stuck on an island. The goal of the game is to go deep into the island to find out what is beneath this strange island that keeps changing and moving while the creature moves. The game is controlled exclusively by the arrow keys on your keyboard. The controls may be a bit weird and may need a bit of getting used to, but you’ll get it, and it was probably designed this way to add a bit of a challenge to the game. The game controls using just the left and right arrow keys, which lets you move left and right, respectively, if you hold down the key. Tapping either keys will make your character jump to the direction that you have pressed. The game is changed with just this simple mechanic, as there will be times when you will need to jump then walk, or walk then jump, and you have to switch the method of pressing your key suddenly. It sounds easy in concept, but try it for 2 minutes and you’ll find out just how challenging this game can be.
From the Deep is a very short game, but is none the less a good one. The challenge alone is a great reason to finish the game entirely. If you’re looking for a game that gives you both a hard and good time, then From the Deep is a good game to play.

Farming Simulator

Ever wanted to work in a farm and drive all the cool vehicles you see running through the fields? Well, then, you are in luck! Enter Farming Simulator, a game that makes all your farming dreams come true (well, most of them, at least)!

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator is just as the name suggest, a simulator for farming! You get to control all of the trucks and vehicles needed for farming, that’s mainly your tractor and some of the stuff you connect to it, as well as your combiner that you use to harvest your crops. You will always be on a vehicle, by the way, and your character will never be traveling by foot. You’ll be going through a huge map with you owning a big farm where you’ll plow, plant, and harvest until you get enough money to live a good life. You will also be able to buy animals that will create produce for you to get even more money. You play the game using your keyboard. The W, A, S, and D keys will make you move forward, back, left, and right, respectively. The tutorial of the game pretty much covers everything that you’ll need to do, but here’s a brief look. You’ll be first plowing your field using your tractor and one of the attachments you can use. You will then be sowing seeds into the plowed field, and then wait for it to grow. Once you finish growing them, you can then harvest the crops by using your combiner (you can switch vehicles by pressing the E key). Then you sell the crops using your tractor and your trailer. You can sell the crops in the Western side of the city where a factory will be waiting for you. That is mostly what you’ll be doing.
Although the game might not sound too fun in concept, it’s actually a nice little game that lets you experience farming and have a little bit of fun with it. Farming Simulator is a great game to pass time with, and you can easily lose yourself in the great field that you’ll be tending.

Doodle Jump

Simple games are usually the most fun to a lot of people. Aside from these games being easy to learn, you can just pick it up, play it, and stop at any time you want. Simple, Casual games have been on the rise because of this, and Doodle Jump has been one of the games in the forefront of this when the Mobile Platforms came out. Now we have a browser version, and it’s the same great experience you’ve had on the other devices!

Doodle jump

Doodle Jump is a casual platformer that lets you play as a little alien that just wants to reach the top, like, literally. The little doodle alien will always be jumping upward at a fixed height and it’s your job to steer it into higher platforms (that it can reach, of course) so that he can get even higher. There will be different stuff along the way that can help you out, or bring you down. One of the first stuff you’ll encounter is a spring. It’s not really dangerous. It’ll make you jump a lot higher and skip a lot of the lower platforms, but this runs the risk of you falling off because the height of your jump will be uncontrolled and can lead you to a place where platforms cannot be reached. There will also be platforms that will break when you step on them, which will be marked with a crack in the middle, as well as it being differently colored. Avoid these platforms at all costs especially if these platforms do not have stable platforms below them. The goal is to just get as high as you can. Falling off the screen will result in a death, and you will have to start over. The alien can simply be controlled by just the left and right arrow keys.

Doodle Jump was one of the first few games that came out with the Java Mobile platform of games. It was pretty fun back then, and playing it now, it’s still pretty addicting and fun. If you’re looking for a good platform game with a bit of a challenge, then you’ve come to the right game. Doodle Jump is a great and simple game to play.

Santa Run 4

Happy New Year! Here’s a Holidays themed game to celebrate.

Get ready because he knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice this year, and he’s coming to get those gifts delivered in a whole new way!

Santa Run 4

Santa Run 4 is a platformer that puts you in the shoes of the big, cheerful, and famous man of Christmas, Santa Claus himself! He’ll be running around collecting stars and getting to the goal, which is a bus stop where he’ll be picked up by his very own sleigh and reindeers. You get there by using your keyboard to move around. The W key is to jump, A and D is to move left and right (respectively). That’s basically it. The game also incorporates a few puzzle elements in almost all of the stages, so keep that in mind and keep on your toes. One of the mechanics you’ll use for solving puzzles is the use of your stomp, which you can do by jumping full height into a brick. If you do this, the brick will be destroyed, and you’ll have either another path or a pit to fall on (in which case, you’ll die and will have to start over). Each stage will have 3 stars that you can collect before you finish, which will give you a perfect score if you collect all 3, this adds in a good challenge for each stage, but is also only optional. There will be additional mechanics in later stages, even some enemies that will get in your way.
Santa Run 4 is a great platformer and is a very good game to play, especially on Christmas! Feel the spirit of giving and love in the great holiday season with Santa Run 4!

Dungeon Clicker

Merry Christmas! If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of extra time during these Holidays… Idle clickers are the perfect games for those that have a lot of time on their hands. All of them are simple, easy to learn, and very easy to control. I mean, you just click, learn a few stuff for upgrades, usually, and bam, you do that over and over until you reach a certain goal. Dungeon Click is one such game that reels you in by its easy gameplay and funny graphics.

Dungeon Clicker

Dungeon Clicker is, obviously, an idle clicker that lets you play as a warrior out to defeat every monster that threatens the kingdom. You play the game entirely by using your mouse. Evert level starts with you and a monster in front of you. You can click anywhere on the screen (as long as there is no menu or button in the way) to attack the monster in front of you. The damage of your attack will depend on your investment in your own attack damage. You can put in money to increase your damage on each click. Each enemy you kill will give you money, which you can then use to upgrade your damage to kill more monsters to get more money to kill more monsters and so on. You can also invest in getting allies to help you out (which is a very good investment in the long run). These allies will attack monsters without you having to click, and you can also invest money in their attacks per second, so that’s good, too. The game also has a roulette feature where you can get (or lose) a lot of gold!
If you have ever played a fantasy idle clicker, then you will probably be familiar with Dungeon Clicker, and will know that it’s one great game. It’s one of the only idle clickers I’ve known that actually has levels and progress, so that alone makes it different already!

Camp Phantom

Being in a camp is always fun because of the different activities, but everyone knows that the fun all happens at night when everyone gathers around a bonfire and tells horrifying ghost stories. Some of them will be pretty mild, but many of them will be very rattling and might keep you up at night. Welcome to Camp Phantom, a camp that is haunted by a phantom, and almost everyone knows it except you.

Camp Phantom

Camp Phantom is a point-and-click adventure puzzle game that puts you into the shoes of the newest adviser in Camp Phantom. Everyone is telling her that she should avoid the Phantom at all costs so that she can save her life. You are given a quest to find the charm that pushes the Phantom away, so you go on that quest to keep yourself safe, even when you don’t really believe about the Phantom. You’ll be solving just one large puzzle for you to get the charm, so stay on your toes, as anything you find around the camp may be a clue to what you need to do. The game is a point-and-click so all you’ll really need is your mouse. Just click on anything that you can interact with. This also goes for all the puzzles in the game, too. You have an unlimited amount of time, so you can take your sweet time in solving all of the puzzles presented to you. The game is filled with great voice acting, so you are never bored as you go through the puzzles in the game, as well as the music being pretty good for the atmosphere of the game.
This game is a very good point-and-click with puzzle elements, and the ending can be very surprising. I almost jumped off of my seat when I finished the game. Be careful and be ready when you play this game. And although I say that, I still recommend playing this game as it’s very good and very fun the whole way through.

Sky Serpents

You are a the son of one of the greatest Sky Serpent killer the world has ever known, and will probably be the best until the end of time, until you grew up to finally take on the challenge of beating your old man’s record. Will you actually be able to do it or will you succumb to the strength of the great Sky Serpents?

Sky Serpents is an action game that lets you play as the son of the great serpent killer, and you made it your personal mission to best your dad at his own job. Take on the serpents and kill each and every one of them using your trusty knife and sword, along with the skills passed down to you by your dad, of course. The controls are pretty easy to learn, but might take a bit of time before you can master your movement to kill all the serpents. You don’t really need a lot of buttons, as all you will need are your arrow keys and the space bar to destroy the serpents. You use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right, and press the up arrow key to jump. You press the down button to latch on to the serpent using your knife, so however the serpent moves, you’d be stuck to it, even when you are upside down. Pressing the space bar will let you attack using your sword. Serpents will have a certain number of weak spots that you would have to keep attacking with your sword to kill them. You will have a counter on the upper left telling you how many you have destroyed and how many parts there is in total. Destroy all the parts, and you defeat the serpent. Here’s a little tip, latch on nearby a part, then start swinging, if you do this, your character will swing his sword towards the part no matter what direction the part is in.
If you’ve been wanting to play an action game that involves not only skill and speed, but also a very quick reflex and wit, then try out Sky Serpents. The story and gameplay will definitely get you hooked.

Asgard Skill Master

Are you ready to defend your homeland with all that you have? If you are (in all honesty, though, you don’t really have a choice, you would have to be ready at all times), then you should get your soldiers ready for war against the monsters trying to invade Asgard, as you are the only one that can command the soldiers with your knowledge of the battlefield.

Asgard Skill Master is a strategy game that has a few RPG elements that puts you into the shoes of the commander at war in the world of Asgard. Monsters have taken over and you are tasked to bring a group of soldiers of your choosing to the field and take on all the monsters that are trying to take over. You will use your wit and fast reflexes to make sure that you protect your land. The game itself can be controlled with just the mouse, but due to a bit of complexity brought out by the different warrior types available, you can also play using some hotkeys (the skills will be labelled with the appropriate hotkeys on the screen so you are never along trying to guess what to press). You start off by choosing a few soldiers by using the bit of money that you have. Each battle will be instance based, which means you don’t have to actually find an opponent and fight them, all you need to do is get to the battlefield and let the soldiers fight, all you really need to do is choose when the soldiers will use their skills. Later in the game, you will have more choices for soldier types and skills that will widely give variety to the game.
Will Asgard ever be safe from the monsters trying to take over? Well, now that you’re here, it should be right? If you’ve been out to find a game that involves a lot of strategic use of skills and a bit of grinding, then Asgard Skill Master is a great choice to start with.

Tmnt Advance

The Turtles in a half shell is back and it’s time to bust more crime and eat more pizza! Cowabunga! Take New York back from all the evil villains out to get you just to make sure that no one tries to stop them from their dirty deeds. Take one of the four Ninja Turtles as you go through the metro to beat up everyone in your way as you find out more about the recent crimes that has been happening around town.

TMNT Advance is a beat em up / brawler game that is a tie in to the TMNT movie. You take on the role of one of the four main protagonists of the series, namely Donatello, Raphael, Michael Angelo, and Leonardo, as you go through downtown to find out about a series of crimes that’s been happening lately (reported by another character of the series, April O’Neil). The controls are pretty tight yet pretty simple, making it a very easy game to play. You can control your turtle’s movement by pressing any of the arrow keys, and they will move to the direction of that key. The game plays in a 3D plane so you can move in all directions, unlike the past turtles games that play like a side scroller. You can press the X button on your keyboard to jump and press the Z button to attack. Pressing the direction behind your character along with the attack button will make your character use a back attack, which is good if you are being ganged up on. Pressing the jump and attack button at the same time will let you use a special attack that will be different for each turtle, so best to experiment on them all and find the best one to use on your style of play.
TMNT is a very good show, especially for those who actually watched the series when they were young, and the game is not too bad, either. If you’d like to play a great brawler game while reliving your childhood, then TMNT Advance is a great game to play.