Basketball is one of the most known sports in the world, and it’s one of the simplest ball games to learn. There are no bases to fill, no downs to understand, and no offsides to get confused by. It’s simple, grab the ball, run past everyone, put the ball in the hoop. Easy.

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Slam Dunk Basketball is an arcade game that lets you play a condensed version of basketball, like literally, all you ever need to do is throw the ball and make sure it goes through the basket, then you do it again – ad infinitum, or until you run out of time. The game is as simple as the sport it copied from, your goal is to get the highest score available before getting a game over, which happens when the timer drops to zero. The game is played entirely by using your mouse. The left mouse button is the only button you’ll ever need. Every time you click on screen, the ball will jump up a certain height and move a bit of distance – it both depends on where the mouse cursor currently is. You just have to be very precise with your clicks to make sure you sink the hole. There will also be stars that you can collect as sort of an achievement, but doesn’t really do too much. The game lacks a lot of features that could’ve made it more awesome, like buying different aesthetic stuff using the stars you pickup. In any case, your only realy goal is to beat the highest score.

Slam Dunk Basketball is as fun as any arcade basketball games, but it’s lacking a lot of features that could’ve made it better. It’s still a great game though if you can look past everything that’s not here, as it’s still fun to play and is a great game to fight over bragging rights.

Return Man

American Football fans rejoice! We’ve got a game just for you, and we know you’re gonna love it. What’s not to love about a sports game filled with action? Return Man is the first game in a long series of well loved football games, and is a gateway to the one of the greatest football simulators out in the web.

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Return Man is a sports action game that lets you play as the catcher of the punt kick, and your goal is to get to the end of the field to get a touchdown. You’ll be given 3 chances to do so. Each time you get tackled and stopped, you’ll lose a chance. Each possession is basically a life, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t waste a single one. The controls are kind of weird, but for movement, you’ll be using the I key to move forward, and the J and L keys to move left and right respectively. The A, S, and D keys are used for special moves (that you’ll get later in the game). The space bar is a shortcut for continue (since it’d be a hassle to keep going back to your mouse to click on continue), and the M key mutes the game’s sound. The game will start once your character catches the punt, and you’ll be able to take control of the catcher. You’ll have to keep running until the end, and it’s not going to be easy with all the other players set up to tackle you, but it’s not a really unfair match. You’ll have 3 blockers set up to keep you safe, so make sure to use them wisely. Once you get to the end, you’ll be given a congratulations screen and move on to the next level. Rinse and repeat.

Although it might not sound too exciting of a game, Return Man pumps up your adrenaline once you start playing. We’ve played this game for an hour without getting tired of it, so that’s a good indication of how good this game is, especially for sports fans! If you love football, then dive in and play Return Man.


Trampolines are always fun no matter what age you are. The feeling of staying up in the air and getting higher and higher as you go along is pretty exhilarating and will always make you want to have more. You don’t need a degree in rocket science or be an astronaut to fly high and have that feeling of being free from the pulls of gravity. If you don’t have one, well here’s your chance to find out how the physics work while having a bit of fun getting the highest score.

Flipmaster is a trampoline jumping simulator that lets you play as a random guy having fun on the trampoline and doing stunts. That’s how simple the game is. You just jump around, do stunts, gain points, earn coins, and have fun. It’s a pretty easy game to learn and the game actually starts you off with a very complete tutorial that’ll teach you how to do the stunts and what not to do so you can continue playing. Basically, the goal is to keep jumping without landing on your tummy or head on the trampoline. As long as you’re landing on your feet or back, you’ll jump up and will be given the chance to do a stunt. You do stunts by clicking and holding the left mouse button while in the air. Once you start pressing, your player will tuck himself in and do a forward roll. You’ll have to make sure to time your roll and judge whether you’ll fall flat on your face or on your back or feet. As you do more stunts, you’ll gain more and more points. There’ll also be floating coins that you can grab so you can buy aesthetic upgrades like new stadium and stuff. It’s optional, but it’s cool and easy to get so why not?

Flipmaster gives a warning to not re-enact whatever happens in the game, which is nice since most of the players of this game will be kids and might try it out. That’s going the extra mile. This game is very simple, easy to learn, and very fun. If you’re looking for a game to play on your commute or if you’re bored, then you came to the right place.


American football is one of the biggest sports in the world and is watched by millions of people each season. It’s a sport filled with excitement and strategy that it’s one that’s pretty hard to understand if it’s your first time watching. To make things simple, Return Man takes off all the boring parts of the game and just keeps you playing on offense. Pretty cool, right?

Return Man 3 is a football simulation game that lets you play offense, and offense alone. The game forgoes the other part of the game where you have to play defence, but that’s alright since offense is the more exciting part of the game anyway. The game is split into a few parts during your offense. The first part will have you catching the ball after the first kick. You’ll do this by walking into the yellow circle that’ll be shown on screen. The circle will get smaller real quick and you’ll have to get there before the circle completely disappears. You’ll do this by using the I, J, K, and L keys to move around and you’ll have the A, S, and D keys for your special moves (which will be explained during the game). You can change the settings to play using the more commonly used W, A, S, and D keys for movement and J, K, and L for specials. Your goal is to get a touchdown by avoiding all the defenders coming your way after you catch the ball. You’ll have a few blockers on your side to take care of the defence, so make sure to take advantage of them. Every time you get a touchdown, you move on to the next level. Each level will have a different stadium with different conditions like rain that’ll wet the grass. This will also affect any available powerups in each stadium. Be careful and plan your moves ahead of time as you’ll have a limited number of runs per level.

Return Man 3 is one of the fastest paced football games I’ve ever played online. If you’re a fan of the sport, this game is one you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s easy to learn and has lots of exciting moments. Will you be able to get that touchdown? Play the game and find out!


One of the coolest vehicles (aside from those expensive cars) is a motorbike. It’s every little boy’s dream to ride a fast bike and feel the wind in their hair they go as fast as they possibly can. Sure, bikes are prone to injuries and accidents, but that doesn’t stop it from being cool, fast, and awesome.

Moto X3M is a motorbike simulation game that lets you just ride a bike on different courses in any way you’d like. There’s really no ultimate goal in the game aside from getting to the end of each level, so you’re free to play at any speed you’d like. The controls are pretty simple because all you’ll ever need are the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up key lets you accelerate and go forward while the down key is your brake. The left arrow will make you pull your weight to the back on the bike to tilt the front upward and the right arrow will shift your weight to the front of the bike, making the back tilt when running on a good speed. You’ll use these controls to get through each level as they’ll be filled with obstacles and walls that you’ll need to avoid and maneuver over. You can also use these to perform stunts  that will lower your overall time. There’ll also be bombs in place to either help you or hinder you, depending on how well you plan your game. They’ll sometimes destroy obstacles to make them passable or just tweak the landscape to make it more difficult for you, but in any of these cases, your skill to adapat will be put to the test. You can always take your time as you’re in no time limit. The only use of the time is for you to get a better score, which isn’t really a requirement in this game. It’s more of a bragging right kind of thing.

Moto X3M is a very good game with very good controls and physics. The gameplay itself is pretty simple but needs precise moment and coordination. If you want a game that gives you the great feeling of riding a bike, then this game is a good choice.

Basket Champs

Basketball isn’t a very complicated sport. You have a ball, you take it to your own goal, shoot it. It’s mostly the same as any other ball based sport. So then, here comes a developer asking, how can we make a basketball game, which is already a simple game, even simpler and make it easy for even kids to play it? BAM! Basket Champs!

Basket Champs is a basketball game that takes off all of the running and rules and keeps in just the one thing you do in basketball, which is to shoot the ball into the basket, and that’s it. It’s a simplified version of the sport, and it’s so easy to play. The game will start off with you choosing a country that you will be playing for, and you will start a round robin tournament. Each round of the tournament will have you facing off one of the countries on a 1 on 1 battle. The winner will receive 2 tournament points, and the loser gets 1 point. At the end of the round robin, the team with the most points will move on to the single-elimination finals games. In this part of the game, you just do your best because losing means losing the whole game, as in, game over. Basket Champs is played with just your mouse. When a game starts, the screen will show a basket and a ball. The ball will be floating in random points of the screen. What you have to do is click and hold on the ball, then aim your shot. Both you and your opponent will have 5 shots, and the one with the most shots successfully sent to the basket will win the round. If you are tied with your opponent, you will go to sudden death. It plays the same, except now, you don’t have the 5 ball limit. You will keep alternating in shooting a ball to the goal until you are up by one point or down by one point.
Basket Champs is a really simple game, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s not fun. The game is so fun that I played through the game around 3 times, not including the times I lost in the finals games. If you’re looking for a basketball game that is easy to learn and easy to play, then Basket Chumps is a good game to play!

Basketball Legends

There are lots of great sports games out there specially for sports like soccer and football, but not too many will let you play the great game of basketball, so here’s one for all those basketball fans that would like to play a great basketball simulator using just your browser. Enter Basketball Legends, created by the same people who made the popular sports Legends (Soccer Legends) series.

Basketball Legends is a basketball simulator that lets you play as any player from any of the NBA teams, although the roster isn’t updated up to 2016, all the players would still be very familiar to those that are fans of the game. The game plays a lot like all of the other Legends games where you can choose to play either a 1 on 1 game or 2 on 2, and with the 2 on 2 games you can choose whether to control just one or both of your players. The game controls pretty easily, and 2 players can share a keyboard to play the game with just one PC. The first player will use the A and D keys to move left and right, and use the W key to jump. If you have the ball, you can press S to do a pump. Pressing the V button will pass the ball and pressing the B button will shoot. Pressing a movement key twice will make you dash to that direction. For the second player, you just replace the A and D keys with the left and right arrow key, and the V and B with the K an L keys, and finally, the W and S keys with the up and arrow keys.
Basketball Legends is one of the best basketball simulators that you can play online right now, and the game being multiplayer enabled makes it even a better choice for you to play if you have a friend or sibling to play with.

Boxing Physics

There’s a lot of science in the sport called Boxing. Physics, of course, takes in one of the greatest factors of winning in a boxing match. If you’re ever going to play boxing, then a good understanding of physics can be used to obtain victory!

Boxing Physics

Boxing Physics is a boxing simulator with a little comedic twist. You (and another player, if you’d like) are in control of a scrawny little boxer that uses physics to his advantage. Theoretically, this sounds like a stupid game, but when played, this game turns into a great competitive game that can be played either seriously or just for the laughs and giggles. The controls are pretty easy for this game. If you will be playing alone, then your controls will be just the mouse and its left button. Under the right fighter, you will see an arrow that you will need to make your fighter put out his arm and punch while jumping at the same time. For the 2 player mode, the first player (on the left) will have to press the W key on the keyboard to make the fighter stretch out his arm and jump while the second player (on the right) will need to press the up arrow key on the keyboard to do the same. The main mechanic of this game is using physics as the key to jump in and attack your opponent. Both of you will start out at a neutral state, and jumping will make you land and wobble a bit. By timing your jump to the wobbling when you land, you can make your boxer leap forward and land a punch, or jump backward to take a breather. Learning the moves in this game is a sure way to winning against any opponent.

If you’ve been looking for a fun little game that you can play with your friends while in a party as a competitive game or just a party game, don’t miss out on Boxing Physics. It’s a great game that can keep you and your friends laughing for an hour or so.

4th and Goal 2015

If there are any fans of American football out there, then here’s a great game for you! If you’re on a budget and can’t really get a new console to play the newest NFL games, then 4th and Goal 2015 is the game you should be playing right now!

4th and Goal 2015 does not disappoint when it comes to gameplay. The main menu will give you 2 options, either to start a new game, or to view the instructions. The instructions are pretty clear, and the controls are all very easy to understand. Pressing A and D will move your player right and left, respectively, pressing W will give your player a speed boost (which has a stamina meter that depletes while you use it, and refills while you don’t), and pressing space to either pass when you’re on offense, or do a big hit when in defense. When starting a new game, you can choose to play either one game, or to play an entire playoff series with one team. Every game starts off with you choosing a time limit for the game, and then to either receive or kick, and depending on your choice, the game will continue the same as a real football game. You can decide on what play to use every down, whether it be defensive plays or offensive plays, and every choice can make a big impact in the game’s results. The goal of each game is to get the ball to the opposite side to score, called a touchdown. Every time a touchdown is made, the team that made the touchdown will be given a choice to either kick for an extra 1 point, or push the ball through the defensive lines for 2 extra points. After that, the teams switch kicking and receiving positions, and the game continues. This goes on until time runs out. The team with the highest score wins the game, and if you’ve chosen to play the playoff series, the team that wins will go on to play until the championship game.

Take my word for it, 4th and Goal 2015 is such a great game that I’ve played it for a few hours before ever considering stopping. If you’ve been looking for a quick but good football game, then look no further than 4th and Goal 2015.