One More Pass

Soccer is one of the most watched sports in the world, and it doesn’t have that record for no reason. It’s an exhilarating game to watch, although there are points where it can get boring, there’s a lot happening the whole 90 minutes of the game. One More Pass may be a simpler concept that the real thing, but it’s just as exciting!

One More Pass is part soccer simulator part arcade game. The game revolves entirely around passing the ball to your teammate in front of you until you reach the goal, in which it will go to another one of your players and you’ll need to pass it again continuously until you get to the next goal, then rinse and repeat. The game is controlled by your keyboard. The W key is used to pass the ball directly forward, while you use the A and D keys to move left and right (it’s best to align yourself to your teammate before passing the ball), and the space bar to lob the ball. Of course, the game would be stupid if there wasn’t a challenge to passing the ball. There will be an opponent team and one of them will always be in the middle of your player and your teammate you’re passing the ball to. They will always try to kick the ball away from you. If you just passed the ball to someone in front of you, then the guy in the middle of you two will try to walk towards your current player and grab the ball, so it’s kind of like a “hot potato” situation where you need to pass the ball as soon as possible.

If you like soccer and like quick to pick up and learn games, then One More Pass would be right down your alley as it’s a great combination of both. The game is fast paced as well as having tight controls and good music. This is highly recommended and will surely take in a few hours of your time if you fall in love with it.

Fifa 15 Goal Celebrations

Did you ever compete in a FIFA tournament, or just played with friends? Celebrating your goals in a special way can bring a nice atmosphere to the room so I suggest you check out this video and remember the celebrations you like the most!

My Top 5:

  • Belly Flop
  • Riding the Wave
  • Double Backflip
  • Heel Taps
  • Why Always Me

Check out the official FIFA 15 site here!

Soccer Physics

The World Cup has been over for a while (see this and this – BTW who won again?) and the world returned to a more normal state. The soccer season, has, however, started in some countries already and is about to start in a couple of others as can be seen by the multitude of transfer news.

With that in mind, I thought I might share a fun little soccer game that I discovered. It’s called Soccer Physics, and unlike Fifa, you only need 2 buttons. That is, if you are playing with 2 players. If you’re playing against the computer, you just need one.

You can play it here:

soccer physics

One would think that that couldn’t be fun. Well, it is. Try it for yourself!

Germany – Brazil at the World Cup

Came out to 7-1. Can you believe it? Seven, 7, Sieben, Sete. Or, if you’re someone who still counts on their fingers:

(this is coach Scolari of Brazil).

The BBC realized people might not believe it so they decided to make the 7 clear by putting it in text as well:BBC.

How many generations will pass before this national shame has been forgotten?

More Worldcup related stuff

Trollface Quest 5

The World Cup is going well. Some big surprises came in the beginning: the European teams of Spain, England, and Italy didn’t make it to the second round, and the Latin-American teams performed surprisingly well (Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador, …). Neymar and Messi seem to be finding their best shape.

This version of Trollface Quest adopted the Brazilian World Cup setting for a funny trolling game. Can you finish it? If you prefer Spanish over English (or just want to practice your Spanish a bit), you can check out the Spanish version of Trollface Quest 5.

Have fun!

Luis Suarez… What an idiot!

For those who didn’t see the Uruguay-Italy match at the World Cup, or haven’t seen footage of the biting incident, you can watch this video which has footage.

Luis Suarez, a football / soccer player for Liverpool FC who plays for Uruguay, sunk his teeth into the arm of Italian defender Chiellini. It is not the first time Suarez does this: he has done it twice before (one time with Liverpool against Chelsea, once with Ajax against PSV Eindhoven). Both times he has received punishments from the FIFA, and that’s what happened this time as well. What an idiot!

Some developers were quick to release some games making fun of the incident. Two are pacman inspired: the Wrath of Suarez and Biteman. Others make you bite while the referee is not watching (this one and this one). Only one seems to be educational, it tells you NOT to bite your opponent: Suarez Bites Back from the British Mousebreaker.

Anyways, it didn’t end well for Suarez. He is suspended for 4 months, and has seen some sponsors (notably, Adidas), end their cooperation with him. It’s his own fault, the idiot!