Combat Guns 3D

Technology has come so far now, and it’s a great time to be alive if you are a gamer. Usually, when you want to play a first-person shooter, you would either have to chip in to get a good gaming PC or a console, but now that developers have found ways to create first person shooting games with just your browser, so rejoice!

Combat Guns 3D

Combat Guns 3D is a first person shooter that you can play with just your browser, and it’s an online multiplayer game, so you get to play it with other people and test your skills. Combat Guns 3D plays like most of the first person shooters on PC, with using your keyboard for your movement and weapon selection. You use the W key to walk forward and S to walk backward. The A key and D key lets you strafe left and right. The 1 and 2 keys switch between your primary and secondary weapons. The mouse cursor is used to aim your gun (you’ll have a crosshair that will tell exactly where you’re pointing your gun at) and the left mouse button will let you fire the currently equipped gun. The right mouse button will let you aim down your sights and gives you better accuracy – shooting without aiming down the sights will make you shower your bullets everywhere, so make sure to always aim down it before shooting. The C key is used for crouching, which gives you even more accuracy and makes you a bit harder to shoot for people aiming a bit higher. Every time you start a game or a round, you’ll be given a choice between different loadouts, so you can play the style that you want to. Assault style? Pick up the assault rifles. Do you want to get people from far away? Sniper rifles are your go to.
Combat Guns 3D lets you play your own style and let you play with just your browser, so how cool is that? If you’re looking for a first person shooter that keeps you playing with different people and shooting their brains out, then go for Combat Guns 3D.

Sierra 7

The SWAT teams have always been admired by some civilians due to how they are very organized whenever there is trouble afoot, and it’s usually them that will get a serious criminal problem fixed with their wits and cunning, as well as their courage. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the most organized special forces group, then you are in luck, Sierra 7 will let you experience the thrill of becoming a special force cop, out to take bad guys with just your brains, your quick reflex, and your great arsenal of weapons.

Sierra 7 is an on rails / first person shooting game that lets you control a special forces officer that is out on different missions to clear out the bad guys. The game looks great with wonderful visuals and really smooth animations, as well as great music that give you a thrilling feeling for each level. There’s not much to controlling the game, since you don’t need to walk or control your movement (it’s an on rails, so the character moves itself), and all you are mostly going to do is shoot the enemies that pop up. You use your mouse to aim your weapon on screen, and the left mouse button shoots. You’ll have different weapons that you can change at the start of each mission, and you will be using the Q key to change from your primary to your secondary weapon, and vice versa. The space bar lets you interact with the objects in the environment, like doors and other stuff. Some weapons, like your basic handgun, will have different shooting modes (the handgun will have semi-automatic, which shoots bullets one at a time, and burst fire, which shoots a few bullets at the same time giving it more damage and a bit of a wider range), and you can change modes by pressing the F key. The R key is used to reload your weapon once you run out of bullets. Finally, there will be places where it will be too dark to see, so you will be required to turn on your nightvision goggles, which is done by pressing V.
Sierra 7 is a game that has a lot to offer with its great animations, very good music, as well as pretty good voice acting. If you are looking for a great shooting game, then Sierra 7 is definitely a game that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Red Crucible Reloaded

With the rising popularity of first person shooters, it isn’t really a surprise to see developers create first person shooting games. Not only is it an easy way to get your name out there, it’s also a great way to let people know how some developers can get an old formula, add a few things in it, and turn it into such a great game. Red Crucible Reloaded may look a little like Counter Strike or Call of Duty, but the game can be played without having a console or a heavy gaming PC, all you need is a browser and you’re good to go!

Red Crucible reloaded

Red Crucible Reloaded is a first person shooter that might be familiar to a lot of gamers that have played the genre, as it takes inspiration from most of them, and mixes them into one great little package for your browser. The game plays like your regular FPS games on PC. You move using your keyboard, specifically with W making you move forward, S to move backward, and A and D to strafe left and right. Pressing Shift will make you sprint so you can move faster across the battlefield. You press the R key to reload your weapon. You can also press the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys to change your weapon. For the shooting part of the game, you use the mouse. Your cursor will be your aim, and wherever your cursor is, your crosshair (your aim) will be there too. Clicking the left mouse button will use your currently equipped weapon. Using your right mouse button will make you aim down your weapon’s sight, giving you better accuracy when shooting. The maps in this game are pretty good, as well as the music and video quality of the game being alright. It’s a great game to play if you just miss the days when you played Counter Strike and just want to play instantly. This game is so quick to play that all you need to do is open a browser, log in (if you don’t have an account, it takes less than 5 minutes to make one), then play!

Combat Reloaded

First person shooters have been very popular ever since the likes of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield showed us what a shooter would be like with great mechanics as well as adding the multiplayer aspect of it to all of the modern games. Combat Reloaded is a great example of a first person shooter that puts the multiplayer game in front of its game and lets you enjoy it for hours because of the competition.

Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded plays like the usual first person shooters, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad or unoriginal game in the least, this just means that it has all the stuff that we are already familiar with, as well as new stuff that you might love. You play the game using your keyboard and mouse. The keyboard to move around using the W, A, S, and D as well as changing your weapons with the 1, 2, 3, and 4 buttons and the E button being the action button (open doors and other stuff). Your mouse cursor will be your game’s reticle, and moving the mouse spins your reticle to aim. Using the left mouse button will make you shoot your current weapon and using the right mouse button will make you aim down your scopes, making your aim even better. The game gives out a lot of fun little stuff in the game like one of the most recognizable places of the 20th Century, the Krusty Krab, as one of the arenas you play in. The weapons are the usual stuff, assault rifles, snipers, handguns, etc., so there aren’t anything exciting in this part, but most of the other stuff are pretty good.
If you’ve been looking for a multiplayer game to pass the time, then Combat Reloaded may be a good game to play, just get ready to put in more hours than you actually wanted to as this game can get addicting.

Pixel Warfare 5

First person shooters for browsers can be very hard to find, not mention, it’s even harder to find good ones. Here is where Pixel Warfare 5 comes in. Most of the times, if a game gets a sequel, there would be only a few reasons that the sequel happened. Sometimes the first game was so bad, but wasn’t really what the authors and developers envisioned, so it’s given another try. But more than 3 quarters of the time, a game is given a sequel if the game was a huge hit, or was a success at the very least. Both of those reasons apply for the 2nd game of a series, but if a game gets 5 sequels, then the latter reason is the more logical one. Just that number on the game, Pixel Warfare 5, already tells you a lot of the game’s quality. The game itself is superb and is one of the best first person shooters on a browser to date. Enough of that, though, let’s get to the good stuff.

Pixel Warfare 5 is a first person shooter game that borrows from the mechanics of some of the best shooters for consoles and PCs, like Call of Duty. You also have the graphics, of course, which is pretty good considering this is a game that uses just the browser, so you aren’t using the full power of your computer (it is made using the Unreal Engine, though, so you should expect it to be pretty good). The sprites and backgrounds of the game is also reminiscent of Minecraft, as it actually looks like they ripped the stuff out of that game, but taking from a great game doesn’t necessarily make this new game bad, in fact, I believe it adds to the games charm.

The game controls smoothly and uses the same controls as your general first person shooters on PC. You’ve got your W key to walk forward, pressing S will make you walk backward, and pressing A and D will let you strafe left and right, respectively. Shooting is the same, as well. You use your mouse to adjust your view and aim your gun. Pressing the left mouse button will shoot using your current weapon, and when applicable, using the right mouse button will aim down your scope, making your shots more accurate. You will have a ton of different weapons upon starting a game including sniper rifles, pistols, and machine guns. Choosing a good weapon will be up to your style of play, so find the best one for you and kill everyone!

If you’ve been looking for that first person shooter fix, then you went to the right game. This game is pretty good and the community is also filled with great people. The server is filled with a lot of players at any time of day, making it a really fun place to go to, not matter what time you play!

Combat 3

First person shooters are all the rage right now. Almost all the gaming platforms are getting all the different shooters that developers have to offer, but what about those that don’t want to get a console just to shoot people in the face? Well, you have Combat 3!

Combat 3 is a first person shooter that runs using the Unity engine, which means this game has a graphical edge over many of the browser games available on the internet. Most of the shooters around the internet is either a Minecraft themed shooter with Minecraft skins and backgrounds, or Counterstrike themed with Counterstrike skins and backgrounds, but Combat 3 is a kind of a mix between both, as the game offers Minecraft backgrounds with Counter Strike skins, which makes it unique and fun at the same time. As mentioned, the visuals of this game are superb due to it being run on the Unity engine for browsers. The controls are as simple as most first person shooter in the PC market. W, A, S, and D will make your character move around the map while the mouse aims your cursor and can be used to look around. The left mouse button is used to shoot using your current weapon and the right mouse button is used to toggle “aim down sight” mode, which increases your weapon’s accuracy while sacrificing movement. The left shift button can be pressed and held down to make you sprint. Pressing 1 to 3 switches your weapon with the available weapons that you have, from a main weapon, to a sub weapon, to a melee weapon.
Combat 3 is a great shooter with great visuals and simple gameplay mechanics, just shoot each other, get kills until the time runs out, win. If you want to play a first person shooter without having to buy a console, then Combat 3 is one of the best choices out there.

Pixel Warfare 4

The game Minecraft has been a huge hit for the past couple of years, and there have been a lot of games that has taken inspiration from the multi-million selling game. Pixel Warfare 4 is no exception, but that doesn’t mean that this game is a clone, though, it just means that this game is 2 times more awesome than it should be!

Pixel Warfare 4

So what is Pixel Warfare 4? This game is a first person shooter that plays like a regular first person shooter, but looks entirely like Minecraft. The goal of this game is to try to stay alive until the timer runs out. Every time a round starts, one of all the players will be a zombie, and anyone the zombie kills will turn into another zombie. This goes on until either the timer runs out or everyone has been transformed into a zombie. The survivors will be given a wide variety of weapons they can use to survive the coming wave of zombies, but once they are turned into zombies, they will have nothing but their limbs to use to kill the survivors. Control wise, this game plays like any other PC first person shooter games. You use W to walk forward, A and D to strafe left and right, and S to walk backwards. You use your mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot and right mouse button to aim (if available).

Killing zombies (or survivors, whatever team you are one) has never been this fun! And it has never been this familiar since they are using the Minecraft aesthetics to run the game. If you are a fan of Minecraft and an even bigger fan of first person shooters, Pixel Warfare 4 may just be the game you need to quench your thirst for both.

Earn to Die…

Dying is easy. Dying in a zombie apocalypse is even easier. A true man (or woman) needs to earn his death by doing something crazy, innovative and dangerous. That is exactly what Earn to Die 2 Exodus, the newest game in Earn to Die series, is all about. The game was made by Toffee Games and playable on Crazy Games.
An intro clip puts you in a zombie apocalypse and the last human settlement is about to be evacuated. It is nowhere near your neighborhood, though. Actually, it’s on the other side of what’s left of the United States of America. You decide to get there, or die trying.

Earn to Die 2 Exodus is a platform side-scrolling physics driving game (or short PSSPDG) in which your mission is to travel from checkpoint to checkpoint, where a new vehicle awaits, in as few days as possible. It is impossible to reach another checkpoint in one try because the vehicle you drive is a rusty piece of junk. By some twisted logic, each time you drive, trying to reach the next checkpoint, you will end up back in your garage with considerably more money than when you started. Money can be spent on upgrades, allowing for better chances of reaching the next garage. The parts of your vehicle which you can improve are engine, transmission, wheels, gun(s), boost, armor and fuel tank. Each part provides a different bonus when upgraded.
Engine will allow for faster acceleration and less fuel consumption, transmission provides increased maximum speed, wheels give you better grip for those steep hills, guns kill zombies before they hit your car considerably reducing the amount of brains on your windshields as well as the damage on the car in general, boost can be used to gain a little extra speed, armor increases the amount of damage your vehicle can take before breaking down and fuel tank gives you candy (just kidding, it gives you more fuel so you can travel further).

With adequate graphics and good background music, Earn to Die 2 Exodus is a great albeit short game to waste a bit of time on.

Car Eats Car 3

They say we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. The same goes with video games. Although the title implies an automobile version of a cannibalistic feast, Car Eats Car 3, made by Smokoko game developing team, is a side-scrolling platform game with nothing new to offer.

The mission is simple, get to the other side of the level and collect as many gems and bonuses as you can while evading or destroying cars that are chasing you. As you drive you have no control of the gun mounted on the roof of your car, however you can release bombs behind you and leave your chasers in a pile of metal and ashes. Boosting can get you flying which can help collect even more of those pesky collectibles needed to upgrade your vehicle. In addition, there is an achievement system which awards you gears, another currency needed to buy more upgrades.

The controls are uncommon, with the UP arrow for moving forward, DOWN for backward and LEFT and RIGHT to balance the car while flying. It is kind of funny to watch your car roll over and over in place when you start playing the game, but it gets annoying quite fast.

Background and item design is beautiful but car design has its flaws. The car you play with is similar to Lightning McQueen, a main character of Cars (cartoon made by Disney and Pixar). Other cars you meet through the game also show strong resemblance to the cartoon, which had me questioning the creative aspect of Smokoko.

With no impressive features and a repetitive soundtrack, Car Eats Car 3 gives nothing to keep you interested and play more than a few levels. It is a sequel that didn’t live up to its expectations.

Tequila Zombies 3

What’s better than chopping all sorts of hungry ravaging creatures with a sharpened axe? Chopping them to pieces with an even sharper katana! Tequila Zombies 3 goes one step further and allows you to go on a mass murdering spree while drunk! And if you like to keep your personal space to yourself, you can always swap to long range weapons like the good ol’ shotgun. When you collect enough money, better weapons become available, as well as body armor.

Tequila Zombies is a side scrolling shooting game with delightful graphics and fast paced action. It is developed by IriySoft, known from Cursed Treasure 2 and other games. From the beginning, the game shows no mercy to those who do not take zombie apocalypse seriously. It’s not just smashing and shooting while drinking unresponsibly (well, most of the time it is), you must also evade attacks while carefully watching your ammo. If you fail to do so, you will end up as one of the green brain-eating beasts.

The game lets you choose between three original characters: Miguel the rugged Mexican Badass, whose favourite weapons are a machete and a shotgun, followed by busty Jacqueline aka Police Officer, whose weapons of choice are handguns and of course the police baton. Last of the three is Outlaw Biker Jeff, who owns a set of guns and a baseball bat with no matching glove or baseballs. Luckily, there are plenty of heads to be smashed around him. In addition, each character has two special attacks which you can activate when drunk enough.

The progress is saved with well placed checkpoints and everytime you die you can switch between characters. For overachievers there are badges, which are unlocked by performing achievements, (such as killing two zombies in a row) and magazines, collectibles that can be acquired in many ways.

Altogether, Tequila Zombies 3 is a fun game to play, with an interesting story and even better gameplay. Click here to play it!

Screenshot of Tequila Zombies 3