Penguin Diner

Penguins are just the cutest animals in the world. You can make them do anything and they’d still look so cute. In Penguin Diner, you’ll see a penguin dress up like a waiter and serve dinner to everyone. If you’ve ever played the Diner Dash games then you’ll feel right at home with Penguin Diner.

Penguin Diner is a dining simulator that puts you in the shoes (flippers) of a little penguin just out there to make a living in a world where diners can make good money. Play in an engaging story mode that spans over 20 levels that will put your speed to the test. The game plays simple but very well in terms of controls, as all you’ll ever need is your mouse and its left button. A few seconds after you start a level, a customer will walk in the front door, and you’ll have to seat that customer to any available table. Click the customer to highlight them and then click the table where you will be seating them. After they are seated, they will be ordering their food. Wait for them to call you (they will raise their hand when they are ready) and you can click them again to take their order. Once they have told you their order, you may attend to other customers as you wait for the cooks to finish making it (once they are done, they’ll place the order on the counter). Once the order is ready, click it, then bring it over to your customer. You will do this with all of your customers until they are done eating. Once they are done, they will leave a tip for you. Just click the table to clear it and pick up the tips. That table will now be ready for new customers to come in. Keep doing that until the day is over, make sure to try and reach your goals before the day ends!

Penguin Diner may be a very familiar game due to it having the likeness of Diner Dash, but in its own, unique ways, it shines a bit differently from Diner Dash, and using the cut elittle penguins as characters, this game has its own charms. If you’ve been looking for a cuter version of Diner Dash, then you just came to the right game.

Pizza Presser Review

So you have become a legend in terms of cookie making in Cookie Clicker and you managed to make your business grow not just worldwide but popular in the whole universe? This time, we are going to venture to another exciting business and that is to run a huge pizza-producing company and to become the most legendary Pizza Chef ever. The game works the same way with Orteil‘s masterpiece but is created by a different developer named Mojo2013. It is admittedly inspired by Cookie Clicker, but it has some features that make Pizza Presser more distinctive. Your main objective in this game is to make your business more successful and this has to be done by producing as many pizzas as possible.


Screenshot of Pizza Presser.

In order to do so, you have to click the pizza as many times as you can and sell them to earn money and buy more useful upgrades that will make you more productive. Even though it works the same way as Cookie Clicker, Pizza Presser is presented in a much simpler manner. It features less graphics but more interactive buttons to deal with. This incremental game takes you to three interactive panels. The left panel showcases the pizza which you can click as many times as you can and also a button that allows you to sell the pizzas and earn money in return. The center panel will showcase all the resources available and also the possible upgrades while the right panel will display the pizza makers that you can hire to help you in the production.

So what exactly makes Pizza Presser distinctive? Unlike Cookie Clicker, you will be asked to hire people via the Pizza Maker panel to increase your production. However, before you can buy these features, you must have enough resources. Resources are basically referring to workforce (slaves, cleaners managers,etc), means of transportation, and venues. To make you more productive, you can take advantage of upgrades including auto clickers which turn Pizza Presser into an idle game since everything can function automatically without any interactions but upgrades and selling pizzas are still made manually.

I cannot deny the fact that I personally find Cookie Clicker better but I also cannot deny that Pizza Presser has the same addictive approach that everybody will enjoy. I’m sure the game will become much better soon considering that the developments are still in progress. In fact Mojo2013 are seeking for some useful feedback from the users to help him improve the game and make it more fascinating. A simple yet amusing browser game indeed!

Papa’s Donuteria

Do you know this guy:

His name is Papa Louie, and he’s a pretty famous guy. He owns a pizzeria, an ice cream restaurant, hotdog restaurant, taco restaurant, pancake restaurant… Besides that he has activities going on in cupcakes, chicken wings, and most recently donuts. His donut restaurant is appropriately called papa’s donuteria. Of course, Papa Louie is a fictional figure (invented by Flipline Studios). Every once in a while (about every 2 months?) he is featured in a new game, each time with a different theme but the same concept: serve customers in a restaurant by preparing a specific food. Be on time to provide good service and build up your restaurant empire. The papa louie games will keep you entertained for a long time and for sure, there is no shortage of titles.

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