An octopus isn’t too cute to look at, but when it’s made in a style that looks like it was grabbed off of an anime, then you know you’re in for one cute little game. Let the Electric Shocktopus take you on a ride as you go through multiple levels filled with mind boggling puzzles using a power that only an octopus with an affinity to electricity can use.

The Electric Shocktopus is a platforming puzzle game that lets you control a little octopus with a power a little different from what you’d expect (except if you read the title of the game). This octopus can control its body’s electricity and can conjur up magnetic forces at will. You’ll use this to move around each stage to get to the end and finish it. You can also collect the starfishes scattered all over the stage, but it’s optional, more of a bragging right for those that can’t do so. You’re given a bunch of abilities you’ll use including wall grabs and wall jumps and the ability to build up a charge to either repel or attract yourself to electric charges on each stage. This’ll come in handy in solving multiple platform puzzles. The game is controlled with only your keyboard, mainly with your arrow keys. If you’re ready to get your mind melted, then start loading the game now!

The Electric Shocktopus may not seem much at first glance, but it’s a deep puzzle game with such a good mechanic and solid controls. The concept it fresh and new, and everything you do should be calculated. If you’re looking for a puzzler to keep you on your toes, then you came to the right place.


“A game that’s all about a single color? That’s outrageous! This game is probably for kids.” – if that’s the first thought you had when you saw Yellow, then you would have thought of the same statement as us. But, everything changes the moment you play this game. This is a very challenging game and creates a very smart game with just one concept, the collor yellow.

Yellow is a puzzle game that is played with only one goal in mind, to fill the screen with the color yellow. This game tests not only wit but also your patience in each of its levels as you think of ways to hit the goal. You’ll do this in a lot of different was for each level, but the game’s controls is so simple that all you’ll ever need is your left mouse button. When you start the game, you’ll be greeted with a black screen with a little yellow circle. You’ll need to find out how you’ll get that yellow stuff all over the screen (hint: click it and find out). If you’re on a level for more than 5 seconds, you’ll see a little light bulb pop up on the lower right side of your screen. Clicking it will give you a hint to find out what you need to do in a level. You can have 3 hints for each level, but there’s something satisfying about not using the hints to finish a level, which is why getting a hint is a choice and isn’t forced on you. That’s a nice little touch.

Yellow is the type of game where you find enjoyment in finding out how you move on to the next level by simply answering one question, how am I supposed to use what’s currently on the screen to fill the screen with just one color? The challenge in this game doesn’t let up and as you go further and further into the game, you get harder and harder puzzles, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking this game up as it’s one of the best puzzle games around!


As an alien from another planet, you know nothing of the other worlds, so you visit those worlds to find out more only to crash land into one of the unfamiliar planets. You find out that this world isn’t exactly all the friendly to those that are unfamiliar to them. You’re new task now is to survive this harsh new world as you try to find your partner and find a way to leave the planet.

Snail Island is a point and click adventure game the likes of the old school games like Treasure in Monkey Island. You take control of a little alien as he goes through anything and everything that might help him get a clue of where he is and how he can get back home along with his partner. The game is played using only your mouse and your wit. You have a little crosshair as your cursor which will change colors when you hover over something that you can interact with. There are two ways to interact with the world around you. You can either click it regularly to see if something will happen, or click yourself first to talk to that object. Some objects will interact differently and you’ll need to use a bit of critical thinking because some of the solutions are kind of weird. In any case, keep your head in the game and use anything you can to find your partner.

Snail Island is a great game that was created in Game Jam so it’s still kind of incomplete. It’s still only on part 1, so hopefully we get a part 2 soon. If you’re looking for a fun point and click adventure with a good story, then Snail Island is the cutest choice available right now.

Text Twist

Everyone should always respect the classics. Not only because they’re old, but because they’re the reason we have great games today. Also, some of those classics have aged well and are still such great games. One good example is Text Twist. This has been around for decades, and it’s still making its rounds in households everywhere as such a fun and family friendly game.Text Twist

Text Twist is a word puzzle game that gives you a set number of letters that you should form words with. The goal of each set (which we will now call a “level”) is for you to figure out the longest word you can form using all the letters given to you. The moment you spell the longest word, you’ll be able to move on to the next set of letters. You can either do that or stay on the current level and continue to get all of the other words that you can form. The latter will net you a better score. Some people just like moving on to the next level and trying to get as far as they can, while some try to get a good score. You can play any style that you’d like.
The browser version has two modes available, namely, Timed mode and Untimed mode. Both of which are great modes that complement the different ways that people may like to play. For Timed mode, you are given 2 minutes for each level to find the longest word available. Once you find the word, you can stay on the level until the 2 minutes is up or skip to the next level to change the letters and refresh the timer. The goal is to get to the highest level you can. With Untimed, you’re just there to figure out the word and try to get all the words available in a given level.
Text Twist is a classic and is one of the pioneers in simple PC gaming. This game should not be overlooked. The game allows for different playstyles so anyone can just pick it up and play.


We just have to say this before anything else, we never thought, even in our wildest dreams, that a puzzle game can ever be made with such a scientific concept such as electrons, but here we are with Electrio. What a time to be alive! This is a game that puzzle lovers will adore, guaranteed.


Electrio is a puzzle game that’s all about electrons. It’s got a really straightforward goal, just connect all the electrons together in the correct order while making sure that none of your chains overlap. You have to include all of the electrons in your chain and circle back to the first electron. The order has to be positive connected to negative connected to positive then back o negative until you get back to the first electron. Once you’ve done that, you end the level and you’re given a new set of electrons to connect. The game is played entirely by your mouse. You click an electron and point to another electron you want to chain to, then you click again to connect them. It’s as simple as that. The challenge comes from being able to avoid crossing paths while also being able to get back to the first electron in the chain. Then, as you go through the game and advance through the levels, other challenges will be presented to you. Once of those will be moving electrons. Some of the electrons will start moving in a predictable pattern, and you’ll have to time your connections. Connecting a moving electron to another one will stop it from moving, so you’ll have to stop them strategically to make sure you don’t stop it in a place where it will become a hindrance in connecting all of the electrons without overlapping. How’s that for a good challenge?

Electrio is such a great puzzle game that it should definitely not be missed, especially by the puzzle lovers. This game has a lot of levels that you can play through, each one being more satisfying that the last.


Many puzzle games nowadays have started to become complicated as they try to ramp up the graphics, the music, and the gameplay, but puzzle games don’t need to be pretty to be great. Some puzzle games just need to be simple and easy for people to get into it. Enter Circloo, a puzzle game with just circles, and that’s it. No 3D graphics or anything, but it retains the fun and head-twisting gameplay that puzzle games should always have.


Circloo is a shape-based puzzle game that lets you control a little circle that is inside a circle, and the goal of the game is for you to get 7 transparent circles in each circular level. You know, maybe the developers knew that you like circles, so they put in circles in a circle so you can go collect circles. Joking aside, although the game sounds like a real simple task (because it is), the way to finishing this task can be quite hard depending on the level, this is still a puzzle game, after all. The game is played by using your keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move around your little circle. When you start a level, your circle is thrown inside a bigger circle, and you will see a transparent circle that you’d have to collect. Every time you collect one, the field will expand, revealing some obstacles (or if there were already obstacles at the start of the level, then it introduces even more or extensions of those obstacles). You will have to think your way through all of the things that hinder you from getting those circles. You can use your momentum to kind of jump over the obstacles, or use gravity and speed to kind of float off a side. You are free to do whatever you need to do to get everything, as long as it is within the laws of physics (this game actually has very good physics).
Circloo is a very simple game. You’re a circle in a circle trying to get circles. It can’t get any simpler than that. The game introduces a lot of neat little elements as you go through the game where your logic and puzzle solving skills will be put to the ultimate test. If you want a mind-bending or frustratingly good puzzle experience, then Circloo is a good go-to game to play.

On Fire

Quick! The village needs their bonfire lit and you are the only one that can set it on fire! Oh, wait, you’ll light it using the fire that is spreading across your own body. That doesn’t sound too good, but hey, at least you burn in dignity, right?

On Fire is a platform / puzzle game that lets you play as a villager that needs to light a bonfire for the village using his own body as a torch. You’ll take control of a guy who is literally on fire and running towards the village. You can control your burning person by using the arrow keys to point to which direction he’ll be running to. The left and right arrow keys will make him move left or right (he’ll always move forward to wherever he’s facing, by the way) and the up arrow key will make him jump. Hold the up arrow key for a higher jump. The space bar will make your character throw the fire forward until it hits another person that will then become the new torch. The goal is to make sure the fire reaches the bonfire at the end of each level. You’ll do this by going through pits and obstacles, sometimes even waterfalls and dinosaurs, until your reach your destination. If the fire is thrown and there is no one there to catch it, then you will have to re-start and try again. Anything in your way, like trees and other flammable things, should also be burned down along the way (you can do this by simply going through them).
Always remember that when you are on fire, you should stop, drop, and roll. Let’s make this game an exception, though, as we need this fire to burn as long as possible so we can ignite our bonfire. If you’ve been wanting to play a funny little game about flames, then On Fire is the way to go.

Cat in Japan

Hidden object games are pretty fun sometimes, but they do get boring after a while since all you’ll ever need to do is find something in a static picture, and that’s it. Cat in Japan is like a hidden object game, but what makes it a great game is that it’s no ordinary find-this-item type of game, but is also like a room escape game where you use your wits to finish the game. In Cat in Japan, you’d have to find all the sushi in the Japanese house you are in while solving all the puzzles, too!

Cat in Japan

Cat in Japan is a hidden object game with a room escape feel to it, and it’s one of the best combinations of genres ever. You start off with nothing but the greeting which includes the only instruction you’ll get in the game, which is to find all the 20 sushis in the entire house. All you’ll ever need to use is your mouse in this game, which makes it a very simple to control game. You can use the cursor to point to objects and use the left mouse button to interact with objects that can be either used, changed, lifted, or collected. You will also be using the left mouse button to pick up anything you find useful, including the sushis you’ll need to find. Some of the sushis will be in plain sight, while some will be hidden behind other objects, so you’ll have to shake them, lift them, or remove them to find the hidden prize behind them. There will also be areas where you should solve puzzles to be able to continue, but don’t worry, all of the clues and answers to all the puzzles will be in the house, it’ll just be up to you to find and decipher each and every one of them.

While the difficulty of the game isn’t all that hard, the excitement of solving the puzzles and finding all the sushi is still a great way to keep playing this game. And even though there is no replay value to this game, you should still play it as it is such an enjoyable game and is definitely a good game to play if you like hidden object and puzzle games. Cat in Japan is a must play even if you don’t really like the genre.


Slicing a few pieces of pie dough has never been so satisfying nor has it ever been so mind bendingly hard! Ojello is a game that makes you think before you slice with its weird puzzle mechanic as well as a very simple premise. Finding a puzzle game that makes you play easily but needs you to think deeply? You’re on the right game review, then!


Ojello is a puzzle game that gives you a very simple instruction. Cut the dough that has a few beads in it to make sure that each piece of the dough you cut has a bead each. Here’s the catch, though. You will have a limited number of slices you can use to solve the puzzle. There will be times where you’ll be given a few pieces of dough to work with, as opposed to only one, so this adds a bit of difficulty to the game. It will become harder and harder as the levels go on, but you will also have a bit of help via the hints the game will give you if you ask for one, but the hints are limited, so use them sparingly. Once you have finished a few levels, you’ll get a good feel of how the game really works (because many of the levels will give you like trick puzzles).

If you need a puzzle game that you can play for more than a few hours before you can actually reach the end, then Ojello is a good game. The difficulty quickly becomes more evident as you go along the way, and it’s part of the games real charm.

Wise Turn

Puzzle games have been dwindling over the past few months and Wise Turn is like a rain in the dry summer. It is going to be hard to find a puzzle game like Wise Turn that’ll twist your brain to the limits with only such a simple goal. Playing this game took me a couple of hours just to get to level 20, so I can really tell the puzzle game lovers will have a lot of fun with this.

Wise Turn

Wise Turn is a puzzle game with a very simple goal, twist all of the knobs to make them all point upwards. It’s a simple goal, but that does not mean that it’s as easy to do as it sounds. The game is easy in terms of controls as all you will ever need is your mouse. You use the cursor to hover over a knob that you want to twist, and use your left mouse button to twist it. You will be playing over a 4 by 4 grid denoted by 16 dots. Some of the dots will have a knob that needs to be twisted to point upwards to finish a stage. Now comes the hard part, whenever you hover you mouse over a knob, a white box that will either be horizontal or vertical will appear. This box is there to remind you that if you click on a knob, all of the knobs that are within that box will also be twisted. That’s what the hard part of the game is. Now, you can change the orientation of the box by going to the lower part of the grid, this will turn the box’s orientation into vertical, and going to the sides of the grid will turn it into a horizontal box. That is all the rules to the game. Good luck in finishing everything!

Wise Turn can become a haven for puzzle game lovers, and a hellish nightmare for those that are looking for a casual game to play. This game can take hours to finish, which is why I found it fun. If you’d like a good challenge to give your brain a little exercise, Wise Turn is something you should really play.