So you’re all grown up now and got your own apartment, but the “grown up” part is questionable, and maybe your mom smelled a little trouble so she decided to check your place out. Oops! Your place is such a mess that the Grinch would probably be proud of you. Ready to clean up before your mom gets there? I hope you are!

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Good Impression is a simulator that lets you play as a bachelor who’s got his own pad, but doesn’t know how to clean up after himself. Then your mom suddenly calls and wants to see how well you’re doing – so now you’ll need to clean the place up. The game gives you 3 minutes to make sure everything is in proper order, like used tissues should be in the bin, while clean clothes are in your wardrobe, or dirty ones should be in the washing machine. At first, you’ll scramble through the game to find out where to put what and which ones you actually need to fix, but making mistakes is alright. After 3 minutes, the game will end with your mom giving you advice on how to do better next time – like some things should be at a specific place. You’ll keep doing this until you get a perfect score, which isn’t hard to do using your knowledge, the only thing that might be hard to do is make it through the time limit. You’ll be using your keyboard to play this game, with the W, A, S, and D keys acting as your movement (you can also using the arrow keys) and the X button lets you interact with whatever’s directly in front of you. When you’re holding something, you can also use that item by pressing the interact button. Do it quick before mom gets there!

Good Impression is such a great game and a great concept. It’s relatable and has a difficulty curve that isn’t too bad. It’s fun and can easily hook you in for an hour or so before getting bored. If you’re looking for a good fast paced simulator, then Good impression is the way to go.


There are some games out there that wants you to just have fun, while there are some games that’ll test your skill, then there’s Get in Shape. This game will try to give you fun, but it’s mostly going to test your eye-hand coordination skill and a lot (a whole LOT) of your patience.

Get in Shape is a game that challenges you to multitask. This game will ask you to juggle a few games simultaneously while making sure that you don’t die in all of them. The game will start you off easy with just one game showing you a simple animation, as well as a button. You’ll need to press the button specified on each game to interact with that game. The interaction is simple, like the block your controlling will jump at the press of a button, or a holding the button makes you move or dodge. There’s a lot that can be done with a single button press, but that’s not the main focus of this game. As you get used to the first game you’re given, you’ll be introduced to another one suddenly, so make sure to be prepared for it. Once the first game is given to you, you’ll have 30 seconds to try and survive before another one is introduced. Your main goal is to maintain and survive through all the games (this will depend on the difficulty you select at the start of the game). For example, one difficulty will need you to survive 5 games for 30 seconds to win. As long as you haven’t reached that goal, the game will keep going unless you don’t survive on the last game remaining.

Get in Shape is a very hard game, and finishing even just the normal difficulty took us a little while to do, but it’s super fun for those looking for a challenge. If you’d like to play a game where your skills are put to the test, then you’ve come to the right place.


Math is everywhere, and that’s something we’ll have to accept. Even the simplest things in life includes math, and although that’s something not each and every one of us like (hey, I’m bad with math) – it’s a reality. Not everyone likes learning stuff when it’s presented to you as learning, so how about learning Kids Math while it’s presented as a game?

Kids Math is a puzzle game that’s filled with nothing but, of course, simple math. It’s actually an old (semi-famous) mobile game that’s been ported to pc so it can be played using a browser. The game is simple enough, you’ll be shown an equation on the top of the screen and a set of numbers at the bottom. You’ll choose which of the numbers at the bottom you think the correct answer to the equation is. There’s also a time limit, and once that ends, the game is over, but this can be lengthened by getting correct answers (but the time can also be shortened by making incorrect answers). The main goal is to last as long as you can. The game doesn’t have any type of introduction, you’re just thrown in the fray once you start playing. You’ll be eased in with a few simple (very simple) equations at the start, but it’ll get more difficult as you go, so the pressure will build up in time – so keep yourself calm if you’d like to get a good score.

Kids Math is really, as the title says, very simple. It hooks you in because of it’s kind of competitive gameplay. The game is very fun and you can play for hours just because you think you can do better each round. If you’re looking for a quick game that you can pick up and play just as quick as you can leave it, then play Kids Math – it’s a good test of your math skill as well.


The trees are dying and only you can save them from extinction! It’s your job to make sure they all survive. Get your noggin ready to solve all the puzzles that’ll come up along the way on saving those cute little cherry trees. Remember, if you can’t save Cherry Creek, no one can!

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Cherry Creek is a puzzle game that lets you play a kind of a board game where your main goal is to save the trees on the map. You’ll be shown a bunch of tiles with “paths” that you’ll need can be twisted and turned to your liking. You’ll also one tile in the whole map that’ll have a fountain with a path. You’ll have to make sure that the path connects to another path and another and another (ad infinitum) until you get the water to all the trees in the map. It sounds kind of simple as you’ll just need to turn the tiles (you’ll be using your left mouse button to do this – just hover over the tile and click), but you’ll soon find out that that isn’t the case. The game is very difficult, and even on the easiest setting, you’ll still have a bit of a hard time in solving it – which is where the game shines. The difficulty of the game isn’t impossible, but it’s totally enough to keep you interested and challenged. This game demands that you take the time to think about your solution and the way you’ll bring water over to those sweet little trees.

Cherry Creek is a quick fix for those looking to play a mind wracking game, and it’s pretty simple to pick up and play. It’s pretty straightforward, so it’s kind of like an “easy to learn hard to master” kind of game. Give this game a shot if you’re looking for a game that’ll keep you thinking all the way through


When you’re a God, nothing should be beneath you. You shall create everything that shall walk and roam the earth, including everything that your creations will be using. Experience the thrill of creating multiple things all in a click of a button with Doodle God.

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Doodle God is an element creating simulator that lets you play as none other than God, the Doodle God! You’re given the task of creating everything using the first 4 elements you’ve created initially, that’d be earth, fire, water, and air. The start of the game will show you these four elements represented by photos (with their own obvious emblems of course) and you’ll be using your mouse to click and drag these photos to one another to create an entirely new thing. For example, dragging water into earth will create mud, or fire and water will become steam. You’ll have to keep experimenting over and over to create new elements. There’ll be times when 1 element can have different combinations, so don’t give up if you suddenly get an element that you’ve already created. Just keep going. There’s not too much more in this game, so it can get a bit boring, so getting to the very end (where you’ve created everything including life) can be a bit of a challenge. It’s nice because it’s a simple game though, so that kinds of balances itself.

Doodle God is a very long game that may get boring at the end, but is pretty fun and can take up a lot of your time if you enjoy simulations, especially those that includes puzzle and logic to play. This game relies on your fundamental knowledge of everything around you. If you’re looking for a game that’ll let you experience create new things, then Doodlge God should be right up your alley.


Rabbits are one of the cutest animals out there. You’ll always know that one person who’ll have one or more of them as pets. You want to know how you can tell how cute rabbits are? In this game, even rabbits are saving rabbits. That cuteness level is going to be hard to one up.

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Sofra is an action platform game that lets you play as a cute little rabbit that can walk on his two hind legs like a regular human. Your goal is to save all the other rabbits that can’t protect themselves from hawks and all other hazards. You’ll be playing the game with the use of your keyboard. The arrow keys will make you move to the respective direction you press. The up button will make you jump. Pressing the down button will make you interact with whatever is directly at your feet (if it’s a cage, it gets opened, if it’s a rabbit, you pick it up). You can, and will have to, pick up multiple rabbits at a time by picking up another one while already holding one or more. You can press the X key to drop all rabbits on your hands at the same time, and press either down or X to pick them all up at once. As you go through the game, multiple threats will start to present themselves along with some puzzles you’ll have to solve. For example, there will be a time when you’re carrying multiple rabbits and will have to make a jump. But carrying a lot of rabbits will make your jump a bit lower and less controlled, so you’ll have to drop a few rabbits before jumping, drop whatever remains from the ones you’re carrying on the other side, get back to pick up the ones you left, then going over and carrying all of them again. More like this will be presented later on with extra challenges, so make sure to stay on your toes.

Sofra is a very great game with a level of cuteness that’ll keep you hooked. The challenge this game suddenly presents is also very good. If you want to play a game that’ll keep you thinking as well as one that’ll test your reflexes, then Sofra is the game for you.


Caveman Adventure

Cavemen, as we know them, were the people with a very simple mindset – “I’m hunger, I’ll eat”. That was it. A caveman does what he wants, and he’ll go wherever he wants to. Nothing can stop him in his tracks. But this caveman in this particular game looks like he needs a helping hand – that’s where you come in! Go through plenty of levels that’ll test your quick wit, reflexes, and good planning – none of which an ordinary caveman would probably have!

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Caveman adventure is a puzzle  platform game that lets you play as some kind of entity that helps out a caveman in his little adventure through the prehistoric era. You’ll be playing the entire game by just using your mouse. You’ll be going through a very thorough tutorial, so you’ll learn the ropes pretty quickly, but to give you an idea of how it plays, the caveman will start walking when you click on him. He’ll walk from a starting point and will keep walking forward. Your job is to make sure he gets to the cave at the end of each level by guiding him. You’ll have a limited number of items that’ll make him do an action – the action will depend on the item. For example, you can place a meat in one area, and when the caveman hits the meat, he’ll turn around and start walking in that direction. You’ll also get a jalapeno that’ll make him jump across gaps, as well as jump to avoid obstacles. Your quick thinking skills will be tested in this game, as well as reflexes (once you get to the later levels). Planning is also a huge part of the game. There’re 3 stars per level that you can collect – you can skip them and just head to the cave, but where’s the challenge in that? It can become a bit frustrating later on, but it’s still doable and still pretty awesome.

Caveman Adventure is a very good puzzle/platform game that can hook you for hours. Each level is short and sweet, but each one has its own personality and a good level of challenge. If you’re looking for a game that’ll keep your mind racing and thinking, you just found the game for you!


An octopus isn’t too cute to look at, but when it’s made in a style that looks like it was grabbed off of an anime, then you know you’re in for one cute little game. Let the Electric Shocktopus take you on a ride as you go through multiple levels filled with mind boggling puzzles using a power that only an octopus with an affinity to electricity can use.

The Electric Shocktopus is a platforming puzzle game that lets you control a little octopus with a power a little different from what you’d expect (except if you read the title of the game). This octopus can control its body’s electricity and can conjur up magnetic forces at will. You’ll use this to move around each stage to get to the end and finish it. You can also collect the starfishes scattered all over the stage, but it’s optional, more of a bragging right for those that can’t do so. You’re given a bunch of abilities you’ll use including wall grabs and wall jumps and the ability to build up a charge to either repel or attract yourself to electric charges on each stage. This’ll come in handy in solving multiple platform puzzles. The game is controlled with only your keyboard, mainly with your arrow keys. If you’re ready to get your mind melted, then start loading the game now!

The Electric Shocktopus may not seem much at first glance, but it’s a deep puzzle game with such a good mechanic and solid controls. The concept it fresh and new, and everything you do should be calculated. If you’re looking for a puzzler to keep you on your toes, then you came to the right place.


“A game that’s all about a single color? That’s outrageous! This game is probably for kids.” – if that’s the first thought you had when you saw Yellow, then you would have thought of the same statement as us. But, everything changes the moment you play this game. This is a very challenging game and creates a very smart game with just one concept, the collor yellow.

Yellow is a puzzle game that is played with only one goal in mind, to fill the screen with the color yellow. This game tests not only wit but also your patience in each of its levels as you think of ways to hit the goal. You’ll do this in a lot of different was for each level, but the game’s controls is so simple that all you’ll ever need is your left mouse button. When you start the game, you’ll be greeted with a black screen with a little yellow circle. You’ll need to find out how you’ll get that yellow stuff all over the screen (hint: click it and find out). If you’re on a level for more than 5 seconds, you’ll see a little light bulb pop up on the lower right side of your screen. Clicking it will give you a hint to find out what you need to do in a level. You can have 3 hints for each level, but there’s something satisfying about not using the hints to finish a level, which is why getting a hint is a choice and isn’t forced on you. That’s a nice little touch.

Yellow is the type of game where you find enjoyment in finding out how you move on to the next level by simply answering one question, how am I supposed to use what’s currently on the screen to fill the screen with just one color? The challenge in this game doesn’t let up and as you go further and further into the game, you get harder and harder puzzles, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking this game up as it’s one of the best puzzle games around!


As an alien from another planet, you know nothing of the other worlds, so you visit those worlds to find out more only to crash land into one of the unfamiliar planets. You find out that this world isn’t exactly all the friendly to those that are unfamiliar to them. You’re new task now is to survive this harsh new world as you try to find your partner and find a way to leave the planet.

Snail Island is a point and click adventure game the likes of the old school games like Treasure in Monkey Island. You take control of a little alien as he goes through anything and everything that might help him get a clue of where he is and how he can get back home along with his partner. The game is played using only your mouse and your wit. You have a little crosshair as your cursor which will change colors when you hover over something that you can interact with. There are two ways to interact with the world around you. You can either click it regularly to see if something will happen, or click yourself first to talk to that object. Some objects will interact differently and you’ll need to use a bit of critical thinking because some of the solutions are kind of weird. In any case, keep your head in the game and use anything you can to find your partner.

Snail Island is a great game that was created in Game Jam so it’s still kind of incomplete. It’s still only on part 1, so hopefully we get a part 2 soon. If you’re looking for a fun point and click adventure with a good story, then Snail Island is the cutest choice available right now.