An octopus isn’t too cute to look at, but when it’s made in a style that looks like it was grabbed off of an anime, then you know you’re in for one cute little game. Let the Electric Shocktopus take you on a ride as you go through multiple levels filled with mind boggling puzzles using a power that only an octopus with an affinity to electricity can use.

The Electric Shocktopus is a platforming puzzle game that lets you control a little octopus with a power a little different from what you’d expect (except if you read the title of the game). This octopus can control its body’s electricity and can conjur up magnetic forces at will. You’ll use this to move around each stage to get to the end and finish it. You can also collect the starfishes scattered all over the stage, but it’s optional, more of a bragging right for those that can’t do so. You’re given a bunch of abilities you’ll use including wall grabs and wall jumps and the ability to build up a charge to either repel or attract yourself to electric charges on each stage. This’ll come in handy in solving multiple platform puzzles. The game is controlled with only your keyboard, mainly with your arrow keys. If you’re ready to get your mind melted, then start loading the game now!

The Electric Shocktopus may not seem much at first glance, but it’s a deep puzzle game with such a good mechanic and solid controls. The concept it fresh and new, and everything you do should be calculated. If you’re looking for a puzzler to keep you on your toes, then you came to the right place.


There are a lot of developers out there with ideas just pouring over, and Enigma Station the fruit of one of those devs hard labor. It’s a game that doesn’t really have anything yet, but in time, it’ll be something that people will be talking about (if the dev/devs would continue work on it, but seeing the changelogs, it looks like that’s something we don’t need to worry about anytime in the near future).

Enigma Station is a game that’s still in very, very early development. There’s not much to do, but you’re able to test out a few abilities that are currently available to you. The game doesn’t really have a tutorial right now, too, but you’ll be using your keyboard to move around and navigate through what looks like a little test area to try out your guns and moves.  The test area has platforms for you to jump on and just move around with. The game is planned to be a metroidvania type of game, and already has a story drafted, but it’s not final yet and may change along the way, but basically it’s about a war being fought in space. Unknown to many, though, a virus has been spreading in a station (the Enigma Station) and it’s taking the lives of those inside the station. It’s up to you to save anyone else that’s still alive and destroy the virus before it can get out and destroy everything else in the universe.

I’d have to be honest, there isn’t really much of a game here, but it shows a lot of promise and would be nice if people could play the game and let the devs know how awesome it is and would be. We suggest keeping an eye out for Enigma Station as we can tell that this one is gonna be awesome once it’s done!

Lego: Out of Step

Ever wanted to play with legos but don’t have enough money to buy them (legos are expensive now that they’re super popular because of the franchise stuff like Star Wars, Batman, and Jurassic World being made in lego worlds)? Well then, try out Lego: Out of Step!

Lego: Out of Step is a simple platformer where you take the form of some kind of Lego god and drop in lego blocks whenever it’s needed. The game revolves around a lego fox that needs to get to the end of the stage, and this is where your godly lego dropping powers come into place. The fox will just keep walking forward unless he is stopped by a wall or some other form of obstacle. It’s your job to ensure he gets to the end. You’ll take hold of 3 lego blocks: a regular lego floor block, a spring made of legos, and a huge lego rock. Each block will have their own function and will be needed to finish the game. The floor block is used to make the fox walk a bit higher. If you drop them on top of each other, you can make stairs so he can reach higher places and keep walking and avoid some obstacles. The spring will make the fox jump. This will be used to reach higher platforms and avoid obstacles, too, but this can be used without prior planning unlike the floor block. The rock lego is used to drop on breakable things. There will be parts of the course where something huge is blocking the way and will have collectible legos inside it, then you can just drop a rock and destroy that obstacle. Not only does it clear a path, it also gives you those lego pieces that you’ll need to collect for points. The lego pieces will be scattered throughout the level and will also require the use of the blocks you have to enable to fox to reach them.

If you just want a quiet little world filled with legos, fun, and a bit of a challenge, then Lego: Out of Step is the perfect game to try out. It’ll keep you busy for hours on end.


Not all incomplete games can be called or considered bad games, and Vampi may be wildly incomplete, it’s still a pretty fun game and should be given a chance for the less than 30 minute gameplay that it offers. Sure it doesn’t take much to finish it, but getting to the end of this game is a good look on what a good quick game should be.

Vampi is about a vampire who had his candies taken. Never should anyone take a vampire’s candy, lest they receive its wrath! The werewolves are everywhere and have all the candies that Vampi has collected for Halloween, and you would have to help him get them all. The game won’t hold your hand and will immediately throw you into the game without a single clue on what to do, so it takes a few minutes before you actually find out how to play and what you need to do. To play the game, you only need your mouse. All you need to do is click on any area at you would like to go to and Vampi will fly or jump over to that area. The game will start you off in a weird looking area with nothing but a few jars. Jumping in a jar will instantly break it and drop any item. Breaking jars will likely get you some of the lost candies. If you see a werewolf on screen, Vampi will automatically go over and kill it once you click the werewolf, and any killed werewolf will drop the candies. The only goal is to kill everything and collect all of the candies.
This game had a lot of potential to become a very good game that might become a classic for those that love these type of games. If this game was completed, this review would be a whole lot different. We just hope that this game comes back at a later time and be polished and finished.

On Fire

Quick! The village needs their bonfire lit and you are the only one that can set it on fire! Oh, wait, you’ll light it using the fire that is spreading across your own body. That doesn’t sound too good, but hey, at least you burn in dignity, right?

On Fire is a platform / puzzle game that lets you play as a villager that needs to light a bonfire for the village using his own body as a torch. You’ll take control of a guy who is literally on fire and running towards the village. You can control your burning person by using the arrow keys to point to which direction he’ll be running to. The left and right arrow keys will make him move left or right (he’ll always move forward to wherever he’s facing, by the way) and the up arrow key will make him jump. Hold the up arrow key for a higher jump. The space bar will make your character throw the fire forward until it hits another person that will then become the new torch. The goal is to make sure the fire reaches the bonfire at the end of each level. You’ll do this by going through pits and obstacles, sometimes even waterfalls and dinosaurs, until your reach your destination. If the fire is thrown and there is no one there to catch it, then you will have to re-start and try again. Anything in your way, like trees and other flammable things, should also be burned down along the way (you can do this by simply going through them).
Always remember that when you are on fire, you should stop, drop, and roll. Let’s make this game an exception, though, as we need this fire to burn as long as possible so we can ignite our bonfire. If you’ve been wanting to play a funny little game about flames, then On Fire is the way to go.

Knight Trap

The princess of the land will marry the first knight to get to her castle. Sweet! Looks like all the knights in the kingdom has started running towards the castle. Oops! It’s a trap by the most sadistic princess ever! Knight Trap is a game about a princess luring all the knights in the realm into her castle filled with booby traps and other stuff to set them on cages. Will you also fall for this trap or will you help your fellow knights survive this horrific incident?

Knight Trap is a platform game that puts you in the shoes of the only knight that was actually smart enough to check his steps first before marching in to a castle filled with traps. Your job is to save each and every one of the stupid knights that got reeled in just because a princess suddenly said that she will marry the first one to reach her castle. In any case, you’ll have your wit and physical prowess to help you out. Each level will have different traps laid out to stop your progress, and you’ll have to avoid all of them to rescue all the prisoners. You can control your knight by using the arrow keys. Pressing the left and right arrow keys will make your knight move left and right, respectively. Pressing the up arrow key will make your knight jump, and holding the up arrow key will make you jump slightly higher as opposed to just tapping it. You will need to bring a certain number of knights to the top of each level to proceed, and you will also have just a certain number of knights available to you (usually around 2 or 3 more than what you need to bring to the top) so always be careful.
Will you be able to help everyone out of this predicament while also being the first one to reach the top of the castle? Let’s hope that princess is a hot one so we won’t feel like our efforts were wasted, right? Knight Trap is a great platformer so if you were online to find one, then this is a great game to start with.

Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome 2

Many of the platform games now are simple. Jump here, jump there, avoid this enemy, jump on this enemy, and then get to the goal and that’s it. That is not the case with Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome 2. This game is a platformer that has a huge twist before you can even get to the goal. Want to find out? Read on!


Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome 2 puts you into the shoes of a brave little adventurer in a post-apocalyptic world. A world where the sun shines harder than a thousand fires making every living thing under it burn, including humans! Saying that, the goal of the game is the same as any platform game; jump from platform to platform until you get to the goal, but adding something a little challenging. You can’t stay under the sun for too long or you will burn to death. If you do burn, you can un-burn yourself using a few areas where there are water. Just walk onto the water and you’ll be refreshed and stop burning, unless of course if the water source is located near an area where the sun shines. If that happens, you will stop burning, but the moment you get out of the water, you will start burning again. You are given a meter when you walk under the sun, and when this meter fills, you will start burning, and then you will be given a second meter that depletes. This is your HP. When this depletes, you will die. There will also be little water bottles scattered throughout the stages. Using this bottle will completely bring you back to the normal status, no burning or whatever. Every time you die, you will be sent back to the start of the stage unless you were able to go through a checkpoint, in which case, you will be sent to the latest checkpoint you went through.
The controls are very simple to learn. Pressing A and D (or left and right arrow keys) will move your character left and right, respectively. Pressing the K Button makes your character jump, and pressing the J button makes you interact with the objects, including the exit doors.

The game’s visuals are pretty good. The game uses a retro style that brings you back to the 16 bit era of games. The character is a pretty badass looking character made with a pixel art style. The backgrounds, along with the levels all look well-made and can pass as a cheap console game. The music is also very good and isn’t like most games. The music is not easily forgettable and is really catchy.

If you’ve been looking for a great RPG looking platform game, you’re on the right track if you’re playing Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome 2. This is a game that is well polished and it’s going to be hard to find a flaw or something you might not like about this game.