An octopus isn’t too cute to look at, but when it’s made in a style that looks like it was grabbed off of an anime, then you know you’re in for one cute little game. Let the Electric Shocktopus take you on a ride as you go through multiple levels filled with mind boggling puzzles using a power that only an octopus with an affinity to electricity can use.

The Electric Shocktopus is a platforming puzzle game that lets you control a little octopus with a power a little different from what you’d expect (except if you read the title of the game). This octopus can control its body’s electricity and can conjur up magnetic forces at will. You’ll use this to move around each stage to get to the end and finish it. You can also collect the starfishes scattered all over the stage, but it’s optional, more of a bragging right for those that can’t do so. You’re given a bunch of abilities you’ll use including wall grabs and wall jumps and the ability to build up a charge to either repel or attract yourself to electric charges on each stage. This’ll come in handy in solving multiple platform puzzles. The game is controlled with only your keyboard, mainly with your arrow keys. If you’re ready to get your mind melted, then start loading the game now!

The Electric Shocktopus may not seem much at first glance, but it’s a deep puzzle game with such a good mechanic and solid controls. The concept it fresh and new, and everything you do should be calculated. If you’re looking for a puzzler to keep you on your toes, then you came to the right place.


One of the coolest vehicles (aside from those expensive cars) is a motorbike. It’s every little boy’s dream to ride a fast bike and feel the wind in their hair they go as fast as they possibly can. Sure, bikes are prone to injuries and accidents, but that doesn’t stop it from being cool, fast, and awesome.

Moto X3M is a motorbike simulation game that lets you just ride a bike on different courses in any way you’d like. There’s really no ultimate goal in the game aside from getting to the end of each level, so you’re free to play at any speed you’d like. The controls are pretty simple because all you’ll ever need are the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up key lets you accelerate and go forward while the down key is your brake. The left arrow will make you pull your weight to the back on the bike to tilt the front upward and the right arrow will shift your weight to the front of the bike, making the back tilt when running on a good speed. You’ll use these controls to get through each level as they’ll be filled with obstacles and walls that you’ll need to avoid and maneuver over. You can also use these to perform stunts  that will lower your overall time. There’ll also be bombs in place to either help you or hinder you, depending on how well you plan your game. They’ll sometimes destroy obstacles to make them passable or just tweak the landscape to make it more difficult for you, but in any of these cases, your skill to adapat will be put to the test. You can always take your time as you’re in no time limit. The only use of the time is for you to get a better score, which isn’t really a requirement in this game. It’s more of a bragging right kind of thing.

Moto X3M is a very good game with very good controls and physics. The gameplay itself is pretty simple but needs precise moment and coordination. If you want a game that gives you the great feeling of riding a bike, then this game is a good choice.

Rooftop Snipers

So you’re a sniper on top of a roof out to get one of your targets when you suddenly discover another sniper on the same roof top. Of course, in this situation, a firefight will ensue because this rooftop isn’t big enough for 2 snipers and one bounty!

Rooftop Snipers is a physics based 2-player shooting game that lets you play as one of 2 snipers fighting for control over one rooftop. The goal is to keep shooting until one of you falls off the side of the building you’re perching on. The controls are easy to learn, but the physics mechanics may take a bit of time learning and mastering. You will be using your keyboard to play the whole game. The W key is used to jump towards the direction where your head is pointing (you’ll be swaying from left to right every time). The E key lets you shoot, and holding it will let you aim it, kind of. When you press the E key, you will immediately shoot, but if you hold it down, your sniper will raise his gun upward until you release it, at which point, your sniper will shoot. If you or your enemy is hit by a bullet, you are pushed back. You keep doing this until one of you fall off the building. The first one to push their enemy off the roof 5 times wins the whole match. Though that sounds kind of simple, there’s a little twist that the game adds every few rounds, something that makes the game harder or easier, like different weather conditions, or stronger weapons, or sometimes even both!
If you’re looking for a good 2 player game that’ll keep the fun going and is all about bragging rights, Rooftop Snipers is a good game to play. That’s aside from the awesome techno music that’ll keep looping in the background!

Accurate Slapshot

In a world where sports games are being made left and right each and every year, it’s a wonder why we don’t have too many Hockey games out there, it’s all baseball, or basketball, or football, or soccer. Take up your Hockey sticks and get ready for Accurate Slapshot!

Accurate Slapshot

Accurate Slapshot is a hockey/puzzle game with no actual hockey gameplay aside from shooting a puck to a goal. The goal of the game is for you to aim your shot and have the puck go into the goal. Once you successfully shoot the puck into the goal, you will progress to the next level. Each level will have a different design that may hinder you from just shooting the puck directly into the goal. Many of the levels will have obstacles that you will either avoid or use to get that puck to where you need it to be. Boxes will change the direction of your puck depending on the angle of the hit. Tires will make your puck bounce to a certain direction, again depending on the angle of the hit. There are other obstacles that will be introduced in the game, but don’t worry; the game will always have information about anything that it introduces, so if you can’t finish a level, it’s not the developer’s fault but the player’s. By the way, you play the game with just your mouse. You click and hold on the puck, and move the cursor to aim the shot (while the left mouse button is still held down). The strength of the shot can be changed by moving the mouse cursor away from the puck, the further the cursor, the stronger the shot. You’ll always have a guideline that will show you where your shot will be going, so it won’t be too hard to aim your shots. The time you take to get to the goal will determine your score for each level, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurry to take a shot.

Accurate Slapshot is a great game, especially for those looking for a challenge. The moment you get to around level 10, you will be facing real challenges that may get you frustrated. If you like hockey and puzzle games, play this game. You won’t regret it!

Shot Firer 2

Being a miner is a very dangerous profession, but there are those that do it for a thrill in their lives, those that don’t work under anyone but themselves. You go underground, blow things up, and then get the loot. Shot Firer 2 is a game that is just about that. Collect treasures and try to stay alive in more than 30 levels of platforming madness while you collect all of the level’s jewels. Blow up soil that’s holding treasure and crawl through low ceilings and become the richest guy around!
Shotfirer 2
Shot Firer 2 lets you play as a spelunker digging deep down the earth to get his hands on all the treasure that he can carry. It’s a platform game with a little bit of a puzzle element. You’ll be jumping on platforms and think of ways on how to make sure that you get every single one of the jewels on each level and how you’ll be avoiding some enemies that’ll be on some of the levels. You will be carefully using not only your reactions but also your wit.
The game is pretty simple ni terms of controls. With graphics, it looks a bit better than your normal flash game, but nothing too much to celebrate about. The game controls very well using the arrow keys and pressing the space bar to plant dynamite on wherever you need to, and using the arrow keys in conjunction to the space bar, you can plant one in any direction as long as there is soil there. Keep away from explosions, by the way, as you will surely get killed if you are too close to one.
Shot Firer 2 is a pretty good game but ca become a bit repetitive in the early levels. Once you get to the later levels, the challenge is taken up a bit, but nothing too drastic. Kids to teens will have a lot of fun with this game. If you are looking for a challenging game, this is not the game I would advise you play, but if you just want a chill game that is both cute and fun, then Shot Firer 2 is a good choice of game to play!

Wake up the Box

There’s a lot of different ways to wake up people, but how many ways are there to wake up a sleeping box? You are about to find out that there are just as much ways to wake up a box as there are to wake up people! Wake up the Box puts you in more than 30 levels of puzzles that will put your waking skills to the test. Use all of your wit to wake up the sleeping box with just the materials given to you. Can you wake him up or just keep him snoring until the sun comes up?

Wake up the box

Wake up the Box is a puzzle game with a simple goal, wake up the sleeping box within each level. You will be given a set amount of sticks and boards or balls that you can set up as a mechanism to wake up the box. You can make a pendulum that will swing into the box to wake it up, or make a see-saw like mechanism that will send the box flying and wake it up. There’s a lot of different possibilities to wake it up, but only a few will work, so make sure to think about what you need to do before setting it up, like, will this thing wake ME up? A meter at the top right of the screen will indicate whether the box will wake up or not. Everytime something touches the box, the meter goes up. Fill this meter up and the box wakes up and you clear the level. Use this meter as a gauge to know how much the box was nudged so you’ll know how much force you’ll need to put in on your next try if you fail to wake it up.

Wake up the Box is one of the weirdest yet greatest puzzle games around for browsers. If you want to play a game that puts your wits to the test, then don’t hesitate on choosing Wake up the Box. It’s a simple game with a simple mechanic, but at the same time, it’s a fun and smart puzzle game.

Boxing Physics

There’s a lot of science in the sport called Boxing. Physics, of course, takes in one of the greatest factors of winning in a boxing match. If you’re ever going to play boxing, then a good understanding of physics can be used to obtain victory!

Boxing Physics

Boxing Physics is a boxing simulator with a little comedic twist. You (and another player, if you’d like) are in control of a scrawny little boxer that uses physics to his advantage. Theoretically, this sounds like a stupid game, but when played, this game turns into a great competitive game that can be played either seriously or just for the laughs and giggles. The controls are pretty easy for this game. If you will be playing alone, then your controls will be just the mouse and its left button. Under the right fighter, you will see an arrow that you will need to make your fighter put out his arm and punch while jumping at the same time. For the 2 player mode, the first player (on the left) will have to press the W key on the keyboard to make the fighter stretch out his arm and jump while the second player (on the right) will need to press the up arrow key on the keyboard to do the same. The main mechanic of this game is using physics as the key to jump in and attack your opponent. Both of you will start out at a neutral state, and jumping will make you land and wobble a bit. By timing your jump to the wobbling when you land, you can make your boxer leap forward and land a punch, or jump backward to take a breather. Learning the moves in this game is a sure way to winning against any opponent.

If you’ve been looking for a fun little game that you can play with your friends while in a party as a competitive game or just a party game, don’t miss out on Boxing Physics. It’s a great game that can keep you and your friends laughing for an hour or so.