In the past few years, there’s been a new browser-based gaming trend coming along around the internet, and it’s slowly taking even the mobile world by storm. That’s the arena based multiplayer games called the IO games. The games within the new genre can be played and enjoyed without having invested too much time in it. It’s easy to jump in and jump out when need be. It’s always fun because you’re always playing with a lot of different people. So now the question is, how do you choose which games to play out of the hundreds available? Well, were here to help! Here’s what we think are the top 5 IO games out in the wild right now.



Snake is such a classic game that it’s almost impossible to find people that doesn’t know it. It’s simple and unique, and anyone at almost any age can pick it up and play it. The premise is simple, you play as a small snake that is shown food on screen. Your goal is to grab as much food as you can, but there’s a catch. Each piece of food will make your snake longer and a bit harder to control. The game ends when you accidentally hit a part of your body. Easy, right? Now imagine that, but this time there’s plenty of food everywhere so you can get longer and bigger easily, and this time there’re more than 10 snakes on the field at the same time. You can’t touch their or your bodies or it’ll be game over, but if they touch yours, they die instantly and turn to food – which you can then use to make yourself even bigger. That’s The main goal of the game is to survive and become the longest snake in the land. It’s on our list because it’s simple to learn and needs almost no introduction, as well as it’s a lot of fun of course. It inspired many other games, including Angry Snakes and Little Big Snake.

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Tanks are always awesome, but tanks in games are even more so. explores this awesomeness by letting you play as a tank in an arena with a lot of other tanks trying to destroy each other. When you start a game, you’re thrown directly in the middle of the game and you’ll see a bunch of shapes lying around. These things will need to be destroyed so you can get all the goodies inside, which is the experience you’ll need to become a stronger tank. Each time you level up, you’ll get a skill point that you can put into one of your skills on the lower left of the screen. You’ll use your mouse cursor to aim and the left mouse button to shoot, while W,A, S, and D are your movement keys. You’ll fight to become the strongest tank around – that’s your one and only goal! The game made our list because of its great design, complex enough for veterans to have fun but easy enough for new comers to learn.

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The mother of all the IO games, is where it all started. This is the game that gave birth to a whole new genre, and it’s not without its reasons. The game is simply amazing. You start off as a little ball and you have a few abilities, but the main one you’ll be using is eating any ball that’s smaller than you to make you bigger. This means, you eat small balls, get big, eat the other balls that were ones you considered big before, but are now smaller than you, rinse and repeat. You move your ball using your mouse cursor – basically wherever your cursor is, your ball will follow. You’ll also have another useful skill, and that’s throwing half of your total amount in size as another ball and shooting it forward by pressing the W key. This helps as both an offensive and defensive move. If you can’t chase the ball in front of you because you’re bigger and slower, but you think half of you can gobble it up, then throw half of yourself forward to eat the other ball – it’s a satisfying move to use. If you’re in a bind and are about to be caught by a bigger player, use it to get a half of you out of harm’s way, so if the other half gets eaten, you’d still have another. This game innovated a lot of the io games we see today, and it’s fun because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because you play with other people in a match to become the because ball around town.

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RTS games are time consuming, but it’s almost always fun. Now how about we add a little dash of io simplicity to the mix? Well, we get The game plays like your typical RTs, you collect materials to build buildings and defences, and you keep doing that until you’re at the top of the food chain. You start off as a measly peasant with an axe and you’ll need to collect resources to amass a fortune. You’ll do this by swinging your axe (space bar or left mouse button) on anything you might need. If you need lumber, swing it on trees. Need rocks? Boulders are your targets. Food can be gathered from apple trees. You can find the stuff you can build at the bottom of the screen and if you hover over, you’ll see what you need to build them. Once you have enough resources, just click it, then click on the area you’d like to place it. To win, you’ll have to amass gold, which can be harvested by one of the buildings available. But to defend it, you can build a wall they’ll have to break to get in, as well as spikes that they won’t be able to break without getting hurt. The game is in a good spot in our list as it takes a great genre that takes time and effort to learn, and simplifies it with the great io formula of arena based multiplayer gameplay.

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On the top of our list is one of the funnest io games out there, This game is wild as it’s just a collection of party games that you can play with a few random strangers, and it’ll keep going until you decide to stop. The goal of the game is to be on top with the most wins in the quick but wacky series of mini-games you’re about to play. When you start a game, you’ll be matched up with up to 4 players, and you’ll play a lot of games, each lasting around 30 seconds or less. Each game will have a different set of rules, but it’s always the same goal, push all of the other players to their death, and remain the last ball standing. You’ll use your keyboard to play by pressing the arrow keys to move your ball in the respective direction pressed, while the space bar or X key will make your ball heavier (can be used for a tactical advantage). The awesomeness of this game lies in the fact that you don’t spend a lot of time on each game, giving you no time to get bored of it. Once a game ends, you’re immediately thrown to the next one to duke it out again. It’s on the top of our list due to the sheer amount of fun it gives out. This game can simply sap hours of your life without you even noticing.

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This list is not to say that the other io games are bad, but this is just what we though you should start with to get the most fun out of the genre. There are plenty of io games available, and we believe that each of them has their own quirks and uniqueness to justify a try. All of the games in this genre are simple to learn, hard to master, but easy to gain fun from. If you believe there are other games we should try out, leave a comment and let us know


There comes a time in every person’s life when all you want to do is rule everything and become part of the top of the food chain. Just command everyone to protect you and do your bidding. That’s the dream, right? To be the lord of a land with a lot of people to do everything you want for you. So let’s start by building our own kingdom now with this game. is a multiplayer online arena game that lets you play as a lord starting your own army and base. Of course, you’ll start off with nothing but the clothes on your back. You’ll move around using your mouse, wherever your cursor is your lord will follow. You’ll also be using your mouse to attack buildings – you do this by clicking and holding near towers you’d like to attack. Destroying other players’ bases is one of the few ways to get to the top. Another way is to make an army so huge that everyone has to bow down to you. You do this by buying units with certain hotkeys (T for a regular soldier, Y for a knight, U for archer, I for barbarian, and O for dragons). You’ll buy units using the gold you’ll be picking up as you walk. You’ll also need the gold to build towers and houses. Houses will increase your unit capacity while the towers will attack anything that comes near it, good for protecting houses. You’ll just need to keep picking up gold so you can buy more and more buildings and units. is just a good time waiting to happen, especially for those looking to dominate plenty of people. You’ll be using both strategy and strength in this game, so be ready for it. It’s not an easy game to win, but if you do, it’s one of the best feelings an io gamer can ever get. If you’ve got time and wanna have some fun while becoming the best of them all, then this is a game you should play.

Mine of Sight

You know how tried and tested formulas for games can work if your sprinkle a little something new in between? Well, welcome to Mine of Sight, a kind of Minesweeper (kind of impossible for anyone not to know this game, but if you don’t you should check out this game anyway) clone that puts a twist to the old formula, giving this game a very fresh feel.

Mine of Sight is a puzzle game that takes the Minesweeper game and its mechanics, then adds a little twist to it to create something new and a bit more challenging. The game is played by just using your mouse. You use the mouse cursor to point at any square within the playing field, then use the left mouse button to open that box and find out if that box is a mine or not, or use the right mouse button to put in a flag, depicting that you have guessed that the box may contain a mine. If a box is opened and it turns out to be a mine, it’s game over. The game does not leave you in the dark to guess where the mine is, though, as it will give you one clue as to what boxes may have a mine, and it is your job to find out. So the playing field will have numbers in them and those numbers will always be next to a box, with a maximum of 4 boxes adjacent to it (that’s one of each of the cardinal directions). The number will tell you how many mines are there within the boxes that are adjacent to it. There will also be numbers with a little eye directly on top of them, this denotes that there are bombs in all four directions from that number – basically any box that the number can see is a potential bomb. You will use this information to make sure you open the correct boxes throughout the game. It may sound a little complicated, but you’ll quickly get it once you play the game as the game will guide you until you feel good enough to take challenges on your own. This is a game where you’ll never have to guess!

The .io games have been booming for a while now, and here’s another addition to the series. The .io games have been spreading like wildfire these past few months starting from the game that was just a simple multiplayer game, and now we have a lot of different variations, including the recently discussed This one though is a new idea that is the same game as the older ones, but with a whole new concept, and that concept is the ability to attack other players from far away. Get ready to dodge and fire in is pretty much the same game as its predecessors. This game is a multiplayer game that is all about taking out everyone in the game and coming out on top, just this time, there’s a different means to doing it instead of just being bigger and eating up the smaller ones. now lets you play as a little circle with tank like abilities. So control-wise, the game controls the same as the older games, where your little circle will follow your mouse cursor on the screen. This time, you can also click on the left mouse button to fire a bullet to where your cursor is pointing. Instead of growing bigger when you eat up smaller circles, you grow bigger (and get better weapons) when you destroy other smaller ones. There will be a lot of circles that are not player controlled, so it would be a good idea to start with those to make yourself a bit bigger before facing off with larger enemies. Always remember to dodge and avoid larger enemies before you get larger yourself, as you only get one life. If your tank is destroyed, it’s game over, and you start over from scratch, so be extra careful.
If you’ve been out and about looking for a multiplayer game with deep action and unforgiving gameplay, then is a great choice and will keep you busy for hours on end due to its difficulty and fun factor.

Agario has been a ridiculously famous game because of its addictive, competitive multiplayer aspect. The game is so easy to learn, so fun to get into, and doesn’t really need a high level of skill to actually win, just always remember to have fun. So what happens if you mix the formula that is known for with a classic game that almost everyone knows and loves? Then you have, a combination of the horribly addictive and the simple reflex and planning game, snake. Get ready to duke it out with the whole world in a game of you versus the world in snake. is an online multiplayer game that makes you play as a little snake that is out for food to eat, but every time you eat food, you get longer and become a much scarier snake, out to get the bigger fish in the sea, other snakes! The goal of the game is to become the longest snake in the world by eating more and more food (represented as different stuff in the map, but mostly a dot) and snakes once you are big and long enough. Eating a snake that is shorter than you will make you grow longer than a single food can get you. There are a lot of different strategies to this game, even though it looks simple, it’s a pretty deep game. You can always eat food that doesn’t move that will make you longer pretty slowly, or you can grow a bit with foo, then start preying on the weak. The controls are so simple even kids will get it. You just use your mouse cursor to move around the screen, and your little snake will follow the cursor. Move the cursor to anything edible to your snake, and your snake eats it automatically. Are you a good enough reptile to make it to the top? Then you would probably want to try to test out your gut feeling of greatness!

Bomber Arena

Bomber man has been part of a lot of peoples’ childhoods, and it’s not surprising that someone will make a game based on Bomber man. So why is Bomber Arena any different from the hundreds of games that tried to copy the great Bomber man? Well, it’s a multiplayer game where you can play with people all across the globe! That should be enough for Bomber Arena to be one of the top picks for those wanting a little nostalgia trip with a twist.
Bomber Arena is a multiplayer action game based on the Bomber man game, so people who already played Bomber man will be very familiar to Bomb Arena and its gameplay. The game is simple. Plant a bomb, wait for it to explode and destroy or kill something, wash, rinse, and repeat. Unlike Bomber man, though, this game is not centered on killing AI that just walks stupidly around; this game lets you bomb other people for fun! The controls are the arrow keys to move your character around, and pressing the space bar will drop a bomb on your current location. Once a bomb is set, I highly advise that you run away because your bomb can not only kill your opponents and destroy bricks, but can also kill you. Once a bomb explodes, it will let out a cross shaped explosion that will destroy any breakable walls and kill anyone in its path, so make sure to move away when you plant one. Bombs cannot be walked over, so trapping enemies between a bomb and a wall is the best strategy for this game, but make sure that you also don’t trap yourself in the process!
Bomber Arena has been one heck of a ride, and is still is. Playing Bomber Arena can be a bit addicting due to the multiplayer and competitive aspect of it, while also being a little piece of nostalgia with a multiplayer twist. If you miss playing Bomber man but want to play with people instead of AI, Bomber Arena would be a perfect game for you!

Legends of Honor

Online strategy games have been all the rage recently. Everyone is playing one form or another of an online building strategy game that forces you to play with (or mostly against) other people. Legends of Honor is no different, but at the same time, so different that it’s good.

Legends of Honor is a strategy game that is played online, meaning there’s a lot of other people playing in the different kingdoms in the world. If this is your first time playing this type of game, then Legends of Honor is actually a good game to start with. Starting a new game requires a login, and creating one is as easy 1, 2, 3. Once you start the game, you’ll be greeted by a sign up screen asking for a desired username, password, and a valid email address. Once you’re done inputting the information, you’ll be sent to the game. The game starts out with a nice and easy little tutorial that will help you out with the game. Most of the game is like the basic strategy RPG games. Build buildings that will help you get more resources. Get more resources to be able to make more units. Make more units to be able to attack other kingdoms and get more resources. Get more resources to be able to make more buildings. Do all these to become stronger, and then attack even stronger kingdoms. The main goal of the game, as with all other strategy RPGs, is to become the strongest kingdom of them all.

Legends of Honor takes the strategy genre to the medieval times, which makes it a very interesting game. There’s a lot of great mechanics that can be even better with a little polish, but even then it’s still good enough to be played for a good long while. If you’ve been looking for a good strategy online RPG, Legends of Honor is a great place to start.