Motor Wars 2 Review

Martian Games interestingly came up with another action packed and fun-filled sequel to their massively successful Motor Wars game. Motor Wars 2 is a highly interactive multiplayer vehicular battle game that will take you to an intense and breathtaking adventure. The game offers a bunch of impressive features that are probably way far beyond your expectations.

Vehicle customizing.

The game’s stunning 3D graphics and animations is one of its highly commendable features that will remind you of those critically acclaimed  3D racing games in higher gaming platforms. The game really changes the landscape of browser gaming and brought it to a higher level of enjoyment which you can confidently include on top of your game list. The game actually reminds me of Twisted Metal games at some point except for the fact that Motor Wars 2 is more like a Tag Battle rather than being a Survival challenge.
Motor Wars 2 is a browser game which encouraged the players to create their own accounts in order to save their progress online and also to save the money you earned from each battle and use it later for upgrades or to unlock other vehicles. You can however play the game as a guest but with limited features.
Generally, your main objective in this game is nothing more but to help your team (Red or Blue) to win the battle. This can be done by having the most number of kills within the given time frame. This is a tag battle and you must help your team as much as you can by killing enemies and by preventing your vehicle from sustaining too much damage.
Before you enter the battle, you will be prompted first in a highly interactive dashboard or simply referred here as lobby. This will give you access to various pages including the game rooms, the global rankings and a chatboard that allows you to interact with real online players.
Motor Wars 2 uses Unity Web Player and is somehow a CPU Intensive game and it is not really surprising considering how impressive the details of this game are.  Motor Wars 2 is an absolutely lavish and superb game that you don’t really want to miss. According to Martian Games, they are currently working on the third installment with additional features including air battles and more. That’s definitely something to watch out for!

Freeway Fury 3

After reviewing Freeway Fury 2 late last year, I couldn’t withstand also writing about its sequel, Freeway Fury 3.

From a simple irate motorist who just can’t withstand the traffic, it seems like you just turned into a badass hero who can now save the world from evil invaders. It was such a huge lift indeed from the first concept of Freeway Fury games but this approach made this game even more captivating and more fun to deal with. Serius Games never failed to impress us with their games but I can say that they master their Freeway Fury series even better above the rest. It is well polished, one-of-a-kind, and something that you can confidently consider on top of your game list.

Freeway Fury 3 promo image. Source:

Your main objective for Freeway Fury 3 is to take control of the so-called “mysterious fugitive” to move from one vehicle to another until you reach the checkpoint. Please be mindful that you must accomplish this within the given time frame, otherwise, you’ll lose a chance and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through. The game has four levels to explore and each will vary in terms of the type of vehicles you will use. The first level will take place on a busy highway, then it is followed by water, air and space stages respectively.

A vast of wonderful improvements were made indeed including the easy-to-manage controls, level by level system, dynamically changing environments, engaging plot and inclusion of cinematic cutscenes in between each level, interactive rank system, lavishly illustrated details and a whole lot more. The Free Ride Mode, however, was taken out of the concept but that doesn’t really matter considering how overwhelming the enhancements made for this sequel. How far do you think your skills can take you? Are you skillful and brave enough to end this alien invasion once and for all? Or maybe this is just the beginning and we could expect more thrilling adventure in the future! So if you have enough time to spare, feel free to play Freeway Fury 3 and put yourself in one epic adventure!

Play Freeway Fury 3 on CrazyGames here.


Dream Car Racing

Of the many sidescrolling driving games around, Dream Car Racing stands out.

Its controls are basic: arrow keys to drive (up to accelerate, down to brake, left and right to balance the car), car control feels average, but the sheer amount of upgrades and options is immense. It has a more elaborate upgrade system than I have ever seen.

Here is a walkthrough video. Scroll to the end to see the possibilities…

Well, what are you waiting for? Go play the game yourself:
Dream Car Racing

The Wheely Games

If I were 10 (or maybe 5) years younger, Wheely would be one of my favorite games. It mixes intellectual exercise with enjoyment. As its cute-ish name suggests, Wheely is perfect for kids. However don’t let that stop you, as it is fun for adults as well. The game follows Wheely, a cute red car, on his quest for his true love (who is called Jolie). As he gets closer to his goal, the levels, which become unlocked as you progress, become more and more challenging. There are three installments so far: Wheely (the original), Wheely 2, and Wheely 3. Have fun!

Traffic Talent – The only educational driving game around?

Of all the driving games that are around not a single one teaches you to drive responsibly. At least, that’s what I thought until I played this game. Traffic Talent was made by Dutch game studio Sticky Studios (and unfortunately in Dutch) in a campaign for the Dutch government (and was first published here – the website is in Dutch too). It lets you complete missions while respecting all the traffic rules. You have to adapt your driving style to the weather which is surprisingly often quite rainy (but as anyone who has been to the Netherlands knows this is realistic). This is quite a change from the usual driving game in which crashing at enormous speeds is the norm. Traffic Talent is educational in the true sense of the word, and it’s surprisingly fun. Go check it out, and make sure you don’t get a ticket!

Freeway Fury 2

One of the best games I’ve recently played is Freeway Fury 2. The game is made by Vasco Freitas, a very talented portuguese freelance game developer.

The idea is simple: you are driving on the highway, jumping from vehicle to vehicle, and going as fast as possible. Each jump gives you nitro, and you get bonuses by jumping over multiple vehicles.  Spacebar slows time down which lets you make jumps to other cars.  There are multiple checkpoints so you never lose too much of your progress. You get points for regular jumps, long distance jumps, speed reversal (jumping on a car that’s going in the other direction!), slams, and going in the opposing direction. Basically for everything which you are not allowed to (and shouldn’t!) do in real life. The trucks are good to damage other cars, but have quite slow acceleration. The motos accelerate well but if you crash into another vehicle you die immediately. My personal favorite is the police car. It has good acceleration, and it quite strong compared to most other vehicles.

About 2 months ago Vasco announced the iPhone version on his blog. I haven’t had the chance to try it, but if you have played it let me know and I can add your thoughts to this blog post!

Update on Sept 19, 2014: The sequel of Freeway Fury 2 is now out: play Freeway Fury 3. It’s at least as much fun as its prequel 🙂