Wars have always been part of our history, and it will continue to be part of it until everyone is satisfied with what they have (which will never happen). Everyone will always want more control. In Epic War 3, that’s exactly what you do. You’ll go through battle over battle to gain more land and more control over everyone and everything.

Epic War 3 is a war simulator with real-time strategy elements and a whole lot of depth, not only because there’s a lot of characters, but also because of the great story and addictive gameplay. You start the game off by choosing between 6 characters, each with their own story and their own specific units to command (you’ll start off with 2 units and one spell, we’ll go on to that later). They all have different reasons, but they all have one goal, and that’s to take over all of the land. Once you’ve chosen your hero/villain, you’ll be taken to a world map with flags on each land that can be taken over. You’ll go against the remaining 5 characters, and each of you will start off with a set number of land – this counts as your lives/tries. You can only take over land that is directly next to your land, so make sure to plan ahead. When you’re on the world map, you’ll also be given time to prepare your troops – to choose between whoever you have available and to level them up as you see fit using the experience you get after every fight. Some fights will give you additional units and spells to help you in your fight to liberate the land. Units and spells can be equipped as long as you have CP. Right now, everything I’ve said may sound a bit complicated, but no need to worry. Although the game is kind of complicated as you start, the game won’t leave you without letting you know what to do in each turn until you master the game.

The game is mostly controlled by your mouse, but in battle, your keyboard is available to use for shortcuts. For example, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your units and you can click their portraits to choose them, but you’ll also be able to press the key that’ll display under them to do the same. Spells work the same way, too. You’ll get used to it, and you’ll be the best of the best!

If you’re looking for a game that you‘ll be playing for hours on end without noticing, then Epic War 3 is a great choice. The story, the music, and the feel of the game is just perfect. New Game+ will let you play the game again after finishing it, but with the same number of units you’ve already had on your previous playthrough, adding even more replayability. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Rooftop Snipers

So you’re a sniper on top of a roof out to get one of your targets when you suddenly discover another sniper on the same roof top. Of course, in this situation, a firefight will ensue because this rooftop isn’t big enough for 2 snipers and one bounty!

Rooftop Snipers is a physics based 2-player shooting game that lets you play as one of 2 snipers fighting for control over one rooftop. The goal is to keep shooting until one of you falls off the side of the building you’re perching on. The controls are easy to learn, but the physics mechanics may take a bit of time learning and mastering. You will be using your keyboard to play the whole game. The W key is used to jump towards the direction where your head is pointing (you’ll be swaying from left to right every time). The E key lets you shoot, and holding it will let you aim it, kind of. When you press the E key, you will immediately shoot, but if you hold it down, your sniper will raise his gun upward until you release it, at which point, your sniper will shoot. If you or your enemy is hit by a bullet, you are pushed back. You keep doing this until one of you fall off the building. The first one to push their enemy off the roof 5 times wins the whole match. Though that sounds kind of simple, there’s a little twist that the game adds every few rounds, something that makes the game harder or easier, like different weather conditions, or stronger weapons, or sometimes even both!
If you’re looking for a good 2 player game that’ll keep the fun going and is all about bragging rights, Rooftop Snipers is a good game to play. That’s aside from the awesome techno music that’ll keep looping in the background!

Rebuild 2

A zombie apocalypse has plagued our world, and it’s up to you, one of the few hundred survivors of the world to rebuild human society from the ground up. Will you take this responsibility and walk with everyone else that survived this horror or will you succumb to the fear and let the zombies take you alive?

rebuild 2

Rebuild 2 is a strategy / survival game that lets you play as a person that survived through the apocalypse, and is now looking to build a way to help other survivors so you can live in peace again. You do this by leading the other survivors and giving them tasks (these tasks can also be given to your character). There’s a lot of stuff to do before the world can become functional again, and you’ll be starting with the little tasks to make sure everyone is alive and happy. You’ll be growing food in your farms, you’ll be scavenging food in some buildings and some farms out of your control, you’ll be reclaiming buildings and build defences around them, you will be recruiting other survivors, there will be some buildings where you can train various skills like scavenging (to get more loot), leadership (to get a higher chance of recruiting), and some other skills to make all of your survivors useful. There are three different ways to end the game, but I won’t spoil it for you. Every night you will be attacked by zombies, and it will show you at the top screen the percentage of you surviving the night, so make sure to never send out all of your people on tasks without thinking of your evening defences. The strategies you’ll have to use are complex, and everything you do will take time so you really have to think about what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Scavenging will take a day before the people you gave the task comes back, reclaiming may take a few days, but carpenters can help each other to shorten that time. There will also be random events that may or may not help you, like some other random survivors helping you out, or a random guy bringing some gambling stuff for you to get or lose food.
Rebuild 2 is a very deep game with a very expansive world and gameplay in its very tiny package. If you’re looking for a great strategy survival game that lets you play hours on end while still having some serious fun, then Rebuild 2 is a great choice.

Sonny 2

An anticipated sequel to one of the best browser based RPGs ever created has finally come, and it’s about time that people find out what happened next to Sonny in Sonny 2. Will he ever be able to become human again, or at the very least find out what happened to him that he is in the sticky situation that he is in?

Sonny 2

Sonny 2 is a turn-based RPG that is a direct sequel to the big browser game hit, Sonny. It follows the story of Sonny, a man turned zombie that is trying to find his way home and find out what happened to him and everyone he was with. Sonny 2 takes place only a few minute after the final events of the first game where Sonny and a friend has escaped the ship and now holds a cassette which may be a clue to finding out what happened to the crew of the ship and him. Starting a new game will let you start with an entirely new character (it’s still Sonny, but you can change the name and his class, which is pretty cool). You get to choose from 3 classes available; Psychological – basically, they are the mage class in the game with powers that are a little different than an ordinary mage, as this class uses spells that control minds to destroy enemies and allies alike (this is the hardest class to start with, but is the strongest in the later parts of the game); Biological – the warrior type with a huge emphasis on power and speed, but with a few poison spells to help out (easiest to play as and is moderately strong if levelled up); and finally, the Hydraulic – a balanced class with healing spells and damage spells, as well as having a balanced speed and power (moderate difficulty of use). The game is controlled entirely by your mouse, and a good tutorial will greet you in-game when you start a new game, so you never play blind, which is great.

Sonny 2 is a deep, story-driven game with very good RPG elements. Although the gameplay itself may be a bit complicated when it comes to choices, the game’s great tutorial as well as the complete tooltips in each option that you have, help you play easily and understand what exactly is going on in every battle that you have. If you want a deep RPG experience without having to throw out money to buy one, then Sonny 2 is a great game to play.

Dynamons World

Children of all ages (even the children at heart) have always dreamed of a world where monsters exist and can become their companions, to fight alongside with, eat with, travel the world with, and become their best friends until the end. Dynamons World, a new game on CrazyGames.com, lets you experience the same thrill you got as a kid when playing your first Pokemon game, except Dynamons won’t force you to buy a console to play the monster catching game!

Dynamons World game

Dynamons world puts you into the shoes of a junior Dynamon trainer whose goal is to become the best trainer of them all. A Dynamon researcher will help you along the way to give you tips and hints, as well as tutorials, to make sure you get to the top. Along the way, you’ll find out that the quest you are in isn’t just a quest for yourself, but to save the world against a criminal group wanting to use the power of Dynamons to take over the world. You start the game off with a choice from 3 of the starting Dynamons. Kickflick, the plant Dynamon; Snorky, the water Dynamon; and Torchip, the fire Dynamon. After choosing one, you get to walk around a map by choosing where to go using your mouse. A part of the map with a “!” on it means there’s a Dynamon you can battle and catch. Whatever you choose to do in your battles, the Dynamons you used throughout the battle will gain experience, and once they reach a certain amount, they can level up (by using a Dynastone) and become stronger, even getting new skills they can use in battle. And oh, you’ll also have a rival in this game in the form of a guy named Patrik. Although the game has no music at all which makes it a bit boring, the gameplay should be enough to push you through the rest of the game as the battles and the story can keep you sticking to the game like glue. Play it now and start your very own Dynamon Adventure!

Battle Towers

The battle of good and evil has been a battle fought for centuries, millenniums even, and it looks like it will keep going on as long as there is evil (or whatever some people think is evil) in this world. Battle Towers is a perfect example of this battle of good against evil and is a great game to boot!

Battle Towers is a real time strategy game about the powers of light and darkness battling each other. Your main goal is to defeat your enemy, and I say enemy because your enemy can be either, depending on which of the 2 campaigns you would like to play. Playing the light forces will let you clash with the forces of chaos, and vice versa. The game has a lot of great things going for it, and another one of them is the achievements system where you get additional currency for your upgrades for stuff that you can do for every level, like build a specific number of farms, or create a specific number of soldiers. The game also lets you set the difficulty level at any time, so for the beginners, you can easily learn how to play by setting the game to easy to find out how to win, for the hardcore, the harder difficulties are good to start with. At the end of each battle, you are given a choice to upgrade any of your stats using the currency you get for each mission. The options for the game is so great that almost anyone can just pick it up and play it!
Battle Towers is like an angel that was dropped from Flash Games RTS heaven (a very specific heaven). It’s a great game backed with great mechanics, a rich storyline, engaging battle system, and a very unique style.

Battle for the Galaxy

A future where humans fight against all of the different extra-terrestrial beings out there is a scenario that some people deem to be possible, and a lot of games have used this scenario so well that it’s become a whole genre all by itself. Battle for the Galaxy is a great game to start with if you want to try out a game that has a Starcraft feel.

Battle for the Galaxy is an online Real Time Strategy that gives out a Starcraft vibe with the way all of the units look and how the game plays. You start off with a tutorial that will hold your hand throughout the first part of the game, just to help you out. You basically get a few resources, make troops attack bases to get more resources, then create buildings and towers and facilities to make more and better troops, then you attack more bases to get more resources, then upgrade everything to upgrade troops, and the long cycle of attack goes on until you become the most feared general in the intergalactic universe. The game itself is fun because of a lot of things, the competitiveness, the Clash of Clans familiarity (which is a game that many people loved), but personally, it was the Starcraft feel was what really got me hooked, but as mentioned, since the game is seriously like Clash of Clans so it won’t be too hard to really learn for those who have already played it.
Battle for the Galaxy has is a great example of how to make a game mixed with a few different elements from a few different games and make it so great that the people play it forget about the time and waste more than a few hours playing it, so if you wanted a game to play that’s a lot closer to home (because of all the game elements you have been familiar with), then the Battle for the Galaxy game is a seriously great game to play.

3 Little Heroes

The 4 castles of the kingdom are under siege, and each of those castles are held by different people. Is there someone controlling them or are they acting on their own? That would be your job, as one of the 3 heroes, to find out! Choose between 3 heroes with different abilities and powers as you go through more than 15 stages filled with enemies and traps. Are you ready to save the kingdom from all the evils trying to take over it?

3 Little Heroes is a beat em up with a medieval vibe in its setting, and is done pretty well. The objective of the game is to get to the final castle and find out who’s controlling all the monsters that are taking over the castles all over the kingdom! The game is fairly easy, and you start off each session by choosing from one of the 3 available heroes with different abilities. The first one, Pierce Stabingston III, is a warrior with a shield and a sword that is good for melee oriented players. You also can choose an archer named Archibald the accurate, who shoots all of his enemies at a distance and keeps himself safe. Finally, there’s Dave, who may look like an idiot because he doesn’t have a title, but that doesn’t make him any weaker than the other characters, in fact, I finished the game using Dave (Dave’s abilities, by the way, are bombs that he can throw forward). The game itself is pretty easy to control, as all you ever need to use is your keyboard. All you ever need is your arrow keys to move around, and pressing the space bar will make your character attack using their weapon (again that’s Pierce with his sword and shield, Archibald with his bow and arrow, and finally Dave, with his bomb powers). Will you be able to get to the final castle and defend the kingdom? Play 3 Little Heroes to find out!

Viking: Way to Valhalla

Casual games aren’t always half as bad as hardcore gamers would like to think they are. Viking: Way to Valhalla is a very good example to prove this. Not a lot of casual puzzle games can pull off the same quick adrenaline you get from casual games with the same amount of interest you get for adventure games, and this game does very well in both accounts due to its very unique gameplay style along with very good mechanics.

Viking: Way to Valhalla is a puzzle game by CrazyGames.com that mostly plays like the Candy Crush games where you line up the same type of blocks with each other and break them until all of the blocks are out (or whatever goal is given to you), but for this game, the mechanic is a little bit different. Your usual board where the blocks would be is placed at the bottom part of the screen, while the top screen shows two sides, the left side showing your Viking, and the right side showing whatever enemy you are trying to kill. The objective of the game is to break sword blocks to damage the enemies, the more blocks clumped together the higher the damage. You lose under 2 conditions, which is you either run out of number of turns, or your Viking’s HP drops down to zero. There will be a lot of additional goals and obstacles in finishing each stage as well as your Viking getting skills and weapons that alter the gameplay and time you need to beat levels, so you would always be on your toes in each level, giving the game a higher gameplay time that the usual gameplay times you get for the regular casual games.
Viking: Way to Valhalla is a very good game to play and keeps you interested for a pretty good amount of time as the adventure elements of the game keep you hooked as well as the casual elements of the game. Play this game if you haven’t yet, you’ll be surprised how 2 genres can blend into one with a very good result.

Royal Warfare 2

Strategy RPGs have been out of commission for a while, and not too many games in the genre have been getting the spotlight for people to play. Royal Warfare 2 not only solves this issue, but takes care of it with flying colours easily! Royal Warfare 2 takes what’s good about the first game (the story, the gameplay, the characters, and the setting) and makes it even better! You should be ready for what’s in store for you in this game, as you might get overwhelmed, or overexcited, whichever comes first.

Royal Warfare 2

Royal Warfare 2 is a strategy RPG / Real Time Strategy game that puts you into the shoes of the commanding officer of an army out to save the kingdom. Get your soldiers ready to take on all the invaders out to storm your castle at any time. Join forces with the powerful wizards to quickly kill off swordsmen with overwhelming damage, or take some swordsmen with you to take the frontlines and take damage so that you can setup your game. The choice is up to you and how you want to handle the hordes of enemies wanting to destroy your castle. The game is like your usual RTS browser games where you just use your mouse to do everything, including choosing the units you want to use, giving them commands, using skills, and everything of the like. The game does not leave you in the dark, however, so don’t worry about not knowing a single thing about this game (if you haven’t played the first game). The game will make sure you know how to play before it actually lets you fight out the hordes.
Make sure to get your thinking cap and wear it, as Royal Warfare 2 is a gaming man’s chess in the battlefield, and using less than 100% of your thinking power will ensure your defeat!