As an alien from another planet, you know nothing of the other worlds, so you visit those worlds to find out more only to crash land into one of the unfamiliar planets. You find out that this world isn’t exactly all the friendly to those that are unfamiliar to them. You’re new task now is to survive this harsh new world as you try to find your partner and find a way to leave the planet.

Snail Island is a point and click adventure game the likes of the old school games like Treasure in Monkey Island. You take control of a little alien as he goes through anything and everything that might help him get a clue of where he is and how he can get back home along with his partner. The game is played using only your mouse and your wit. You have a little crosshair as your cursor which will change colors when you hover over something that you can interact with. There are two ways to interact with the world around you. You can either click it regularly to see if something will happen, or click yourself first to talk to that object. Some objects will interact differently and you’ll need to use a bit of critical thinking because some of the solutions are kind of weird. In any case, keep your head in the game and use anything you can to find your partner.

Snail Island is a great game that was created in Game Jam so it’s still kind of incomplete. It’s still only on part 1, so hopefully we get a part 2 soon. If you’re looking for a fun point and click adventure with a good story, then Snail Island is the cutest choice available right now.

Earth Taken 3

Aliens have landed on earth, and they’re not the very friendly kind. They are destroying everyone in sight and killing everyone that opposes them, everyone else gets enslaved to become their own soldiers to kill even more humans. On the process of being brainwashed to be enslaved, one person escapes and will try to take back what is rightfully theirs, their planet and their lives!

Earth Taken 3 is an alien apocalypse game filled with action and mystery, and a lot of alien blood. Everything has been taken over and it’s your job to take everything back. You will team up with other survivors that will notice that you are pretty good with weapons, and might be one of humanity’s hopes. The game is pretty simple, especially because in every new step you take, the game will tell you what to do and how to do it, but then leaves you out in the open to try it out for yourself. In any case, the game is very easy to control. Using the arrow keys, you can move your character around in the barren world, and pressing the X button makes you jump while pressing the Z button uses your weapon to attack. That’s pretty much it. You follow the signs to get to the first shelter, and that shelter will need help with a few things including food, rescue missions, and a few other things. Everyone will need your help in order to save the world, so prepare and fill yourself with courage.

Earth Taken 3 is a wonderfully written game and is really one of the best alien apocalypse games I’ve played in a while. The simple controls along with the great storyline of the game will keep you playing for hours on end. If you’re looking for a nice little adventure game filled with aliens, mystery, and a great soundtrack, then you better not miss out on this one!