Cat in Japan

Hidden object games are pretty fun sometimes, but they do get boring after a while since all you’ll ever need to do is find something in a static picture, and that’s it. Cat in Japan is like a hidden object game, but what makes it a great game is that it’s no ordinary find-this-item type of game, but is also like a room escape game where you use your wits to finish the game. In Cat in Japan, you’d have to find all the sushi in the Japanese house you are in while solving all the puzzles, too!

Cat in Japan

Cat in Japan is a hidden object game with a room escape feel to it, and it’s one of the best combinations of genres ever. You start off with nothing but the greeting which includes the only instruction you’ll get in the game, which is to find all the 20 sushis in the entire house. All you’ll ever need to use is your mouse in this game, which makes it a very simple to control game. You can use the cursor to point to objects and use the left mouse button to interact with objects that can be either used, changed, lifted, or collected. You will also be using the left mouse button to pick up anything you find useful, including the sushis you’ll need to find. Some of the sushis will be in plain sight, while some will be hidden behind other objects, so you’ll have to shake them, lift them, or remove them to find the hidden prize behind them. There will also be areas where you should solve puzzles to be able to continue, but don’t worry, all of the clues and answers to all the puzzles will be in the house, it’ll just be up to you to find and decipher each and every one of them.

While the difficulty of the game isn’t all that hard, the excitement of solving the puzzles and finding all the sushi is still a great way to keep playing this game. And even though there is no replay value to this game, you should still play it as it is such an enjoyable game and is definitely a good game to play if you like hidden object and puzzle games. Cat in Japan is a must play even if you don’t really like the genre.

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