Castle Rush

You know how tower defence games usually make you create towers or make soldiers and other stuff (people) that will defend your castle from the onslaught of enemies coming its way? Well, with Castle Rush, you finally fight back with all the power you have (and oh, you’re a giant castle!). Depending on how well you do, you’re probably never need to ask for help ever again.

Castle Rush is a tower defence game that lets you play as a castle that is trying to defend itself. The castles are finally fighting back. Your castle will be a normal walking castle with a arrow tower that will shoot out arrows to kill your enemies that are trying to destroy you. You’ll have plenty of weapons in your arsenal aside from your arrows that will be unlocked as you keep playing. First things first, though. The game is pretty simple. All you need to use to play the game is your mouse. Your cursor will direct all your arrows to anywhere it is. Make sure to always point it towards any person trying to get you. As soon as you get spells, you’re gonna use your mouse to click your spell and use your cursor to point to where you want to use it. Your castle will be stationary at first, but as you stay unmoved, you’ll see a bar on top of the screen fill up. Once you fill it up, your castle will keep walking until the bar is all out of juice, at which point you’ll stop again and try to fill it up again. You will have to use all of your skills to keep yourself protected while you are stationary. While you are moving, anyone trying to attack you head on will die if you pass through them.

Castle Rush is a great little defence game that it might take hours before you stop playing. The game gives you a lot of reason to actually play it again and again, including the score system. You learn better strategies as you go through the game, so you know you’re gonna do better next time, and that makes you keep coming back.

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