Boxing Physics

There’s a lot of science in the sport called Boxing. Physics, of course, takes in one of the greatest factors of winning in a boxing match. If you’re ever going to play boxing, then a good understanding of physics can be used to obtain victory!

Boxing Physics

Boxing Physics is a boxing simulator with a little comedic twist. You (and another player, if you’d like) are in control of a scrawny little boxer that uses physics to his advantage. Theoretically, this sounds like a stupid game, but when played, this game turns into a great competitive game that can be played either seriously or just for the laughs and giggles. The controls are pretty easy for this game. If you will be playing alone, then your controls will be just the mouse and its left button. Under the right fighter, you will see an arrow that you will need to make your fighter put out his arm and punch while jumping at the same time. For the 2 player mode, the first player (on the left) will have to press the W key on the keyboard to make the fighter stretch out his arm and jump while the second player (on the right) will need to press the up arrow key on the keyboard to do the same. The main mechanic of this game is using physics as the key to jump in and attack your opponent. Both of you will start out at a neutral state, and jumping will make you land and wobble a bit. By timing your jump to the wobbling when you land, you can make your boxer leap forward and land a punch, or jump backward to take a breather. Learning the moves in this game is a sure way to winning against any opponent.

If you’ve been looking for a fun little game that you can play with your friends while in a party as a competitive game or just a party game, don’t miss out on Boxing Physics. It’s a great game that can keep you and your friends laughing for an hour or so.

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