Bomber Arena

Bomber man has been part of a lot of peoples’ childhoods, and it’s not surprising that someone will make a game based on Bomber man. So why is Bomber Arena any different from the hundreds of games that tried to copy the great Bomber man? Well, it’s a multiplayer game where you can play with people all across the globe! That should be enough for Bomber Arena to be one of the top picks for those wanting a little nostalgia trip with a twist.
Bomber Arena is a multiplayer action game based on the Bomber man game, so people who already played Bomber man will be very familiar to Bomb Arena and its gameplay. The game is simple. Plant a bomb, wait for it to explode and destroy or kill something, wash, rinse, and repeat. Unlike Bomber man, though, this game is not centered on killing AI that just walks stupidly around; this game lets you bomb other people for fun! The controls are the arrow keys to move your character around, and pressing the space bar will drop a bomb on your current location. Once a bomb is set, I highly advise that you run away because your bomb can not only kill your opponents and destroy bricks, but can also kill you. Once a bomb explodes, it will let out a cross shaped explosion that will destroy any breakable walls and kill anyone in its path, so make sure to move away when you plant one. Bombs cannot be walked over, so trapping enemies between a bomb and a wall is the best strategy for this game, but make sure that you also don’t trap yourself in the process!
Bomber Arena has been one heck of a ride, and is still is. Playing Bomber Arena can be a bit addicting due to the multiplayer and competitive aspect of it, while also being a little piece of nostalgia with a multiplayer twist. If you miss playing Bomber man but want to play with people instead of AI, Bomber Arena would be a perfect game for you!

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